The Town Musicians of Bremen 

Target Language: A play in English
This lesson will be on Ninja vol. 14

"The Town Musicians of Bremen"
by Richard Graham

I hurt my leg.
But it's OK.
We're going to Bremen
to sing and play!

Are you OK?
No, I'm not.
My leg hurts!

Where are you going?
I'm going to Bremen?

What do you want to do?
I want to sing and play!

Let me help!

Repeat x 3

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The Gingerbread Man ( & the 3 Bears!) were so popular we just had to do genkify, and simplify, another famous English story so that any class can do it as a play.

So we now present The Town Musicians of Bremen

Ninja Tip: To make this lesson super easy for the kids preteach the "Where are you going?", "What do you want to do?" and Doctor Doctor lessons earlier on in your curriculum!

Whilst we are still testing the lesson VIP members can download the Beta Test software for free:

The Musicians of Bremen Software - Beta Test Version
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And the MP3s:

Bremen Town Musicians Demo

Bremen Town Musicians Karaoke Demo

Do let us know what you think of the song - we are not scared! :)

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