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The Amazing Genki English Card Game!

Target Age: Kindergarten to Adults
Target English: Animals, numbers

You can now buy the Card Game in pre-printed packs or download it for free.
If you're a Member, you can also download A4 flashcards for all these animals.

NEW: A4 picture cards for height, weight, length, age & top speed!

Japanese kids love card games, and here is a brilliant one that allows them to practise animals and numbers as well.
Try the talking animation below to see how it works!

First of all review animals and numbers using the Genki English songs. Then go through how to say the words on the cards such as "Height", "Length" etc. Then you can play the game!

1. Deal the cards out between the players. Between 2 and 4 players is best. Simply print out extra sets for each group in the class i.e. around 8 sets for a class of 30.

2. Janken to see who goes first.

3. The first player (A) chooses a category and says that category plus the statistic mentioned on the card. e.g. "Height 2.1 m"

4. If the opponents (B) card's value is less than this value they give their card to person A. Person A then puts this card and their own top card to the bottom of their pack and repeat from 3.

5. If persons B's value is higher. They take the card from person A and along with their top card they put it at the bottom of their pile. They then choose the next value to call and repeat.

6. When one person loses all their cards, they are out!

7. If anyone speaks Japanese their opponent can take their top card!

If you're still not sure how to play it, check out this online version against the computer!

That's it, very simple but fiendishly addictive!! I used to play this game as a kid and loved it! It takes a bit of time, but once you get the kids going they'll be playing it in their lunch breaks, especially the boys!

There are 18 cards that anyone can download , and another 16 to download if you are a CD Owner's Club member. Or you can now buy the cards in pre-printed packs!

Or try this game

Click on the image below and the cards will print in glorious A4!
You need copies of both sheets for each group.

Page 1

Page 2

Or if you are a CD Owner you can also print out
these extra set of cards!

Card Game Sheet 3

Card Game Sheet 4

NEW: Black & White Versions ( CD Owners Only )
Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4

A4 Version

Also have a look at the countries version of this game:

Readers' Comments

by Susan J. Allen

Hi!  Great game and thanks for making it available to us.  One of the junior high school teachers and I thought this game would be most useful for getting the kids to practice making sentences in the comparative, but we still wanted it to be a real game, such as in your first version.  So, we decided that before the winner would be able to take the cards from the losers in the group, (after, of course, some drilling on the required structures before the game), he/she had to produce the appropriate sentence "I'm faster, taller, etc than you all!" 

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The Genki English card game has become hugely popular, and now instead of having to print out the cards yourself, you can now buy them in convenient pre-printed packs!

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Thank you for using Genki English!

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