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I like everything!

Target Grade:1-6
Target English: "I like...+ nouns" or any conversation!

This is a REALLY cool game for quickly practicing vocab or conversation!

The easiest way to do it is to practice some vocab and a question. Anything will do, but let's try "Do you like...?"

1. Teach "Do you like..?" and four bits of vocab (e.g. ice cream, chocolate, pizza, french fries or eating, singing, dancing)

2. Tell the kids to stand up

3. Get out a stop watch and as you say "Go!" start the watch.

4. The kids pair up. They say the following conversation

A: "Hello"
B: "Hello"
A: "Do you like ice cream?"
B: "Yes, I do! Do you like pizza?"
A: "No I don't!"
B: "Thank you"
A: "Goodbye"

5. They change partners and repeat the conversation. BUT this time they ask about a different food.

6. They find another partner. And again ask with a different food.

7. Repeat again, and again until they have used all 4 questions.

8. They sit down

9. When the last child sits down, the teacher stops the stopwatch!

This is really simple but really effective! It usually takes 3 or 4 minutes for 4 words.

You can teach 4 or 5 words of vocab, do the game, teach another 4 or 5 words and do the game again. The kids love to see if they can beat their best time (it doesn't work without the stop watch!).

You can also use it for conversation, such as "How are you?" or "Where's the...?". Teach them four replies to the question e.g. I'm hungry, I'm OK, I'm happy, I'm tired. When they play the game, the first time they reply "I'm OK", the second time "I'm happy" etc. etc.

This is a great way to get the kids ready to sing the "How are you?" Song!

Readers' Comments

This game is GREAT !

I use this game in my French 101 university level class, modified, of course, to make it a bit more difficult. It makes for a great test review. Generally, I write three to five relevant vocabulary words/phrases on the board and tell students to think of their preference and decide upon only one. Students then get up and have to find someone with common interest then sit down, while I time them. Usually there are some stragglers who can't find partners because there aren't any for them, so I ask them in the target language to state their choice AND explain why. We play this a few times, with different categories, and it gets really intense as the students try to beat their best time.



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