Game in Japanese

Jeopardy Game!

Target Grade:1-6
Target English: Vocab review!

I think this is called Jeopardy, but I could be wrong! It's a good game anyway!

Do a review of about 30 vocab words and then....

1. On the board fasten (magnets is the best way) the 30 picture cards. Arrange them in 3 rows of 10 each. Actually the pictures should be facing the board, unlike here!

2. Label the 3 rows as A, B and C. Label the ten columns from 1 to 10.

3. Row A should be easy words, row B medium level and row C difficult words.

4. Assign the kids to one of two teams. (give the teams interesting names like "monkey" or "rabbit" or whatever. You could also try using the Ski Game to count, but board space is a bit tight!)

5. Do the Ball and Music Game

6. The kid with the ball chooses between A, B or C questions. A is easy so is worth 10 points, B is worth 20 points and C is difficult and is worth 30 points. They also choose a number between 1 and 10.

7. The teacher then takes the card that corresponds to the row and column that the kid has chosen.

8. Turn the card over and if the kid can say the word in English they get the points!

9. Continue from step 5

This is good as an end of year review. Remember not to make the kids feel uncomfortable, help them if they get stuck!!

Readers' Comments

This game is also great for things other than vocab review, like practicing tenses. I wrote progressively harder present tense sentences behind each piece of paper and the students had to change it to past tense. I also let them pick the (inevitably K-pop) song we'd listen to for the Ball & Music game. Worked like a charm! - Liz


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