Line Quiz Questions

Elementary/Primary School

How are you?
What's your name?
How old are you?
How old is Nishimoto Sensei?
Do you like Morning Musume?
Do you play gateball?
When is your birthday?
Where do you live?
What time is it?
Good morning!
Good afternoon!
Good evening!
Good night!

NB 1. For the greetings, the students just have to respond with the same greeting, although of course 'hi' and 'hello' are interchangeable.
NB 2.Simple alternating between "How are you?" and "How old are you?" can really test the students' listening skills!

Junior High School

First Year

(Naturally, any of the previous questions) +
What time is it?
What time do you get up?
What time do you go to bed?
What music group do you like?
Who is your favourite TV star?
Who is your favourite movie star?
Who is your favourite singer?
Who is your favourite baseball player?
Who is your favourite teacher? (careful!)
Who is your favourite actor?
Who is your favourite actress?
What is your favourite subject?
What is your favourite food?
What is your favourite TV show?
Who is your English teacher?
Who is your homeroom teacher?
Who is your best friend?
How many people in your family?
How many pets do you have?
How many brothers and sisters do you have?
What is your mother's name?
What is your father's name?
What is your English teacher's name?
What is your homeroom teacher's name?
Who teaches soccer?
Who teaches girlsf basket ball?
Who teaches (substitute any club name)?
What sport does Kenji play? (any classmate's name)
What sport does@Mr Takeuchi teach? (any teacher's name)
How many players in a soccer team? (11)
How many players in a baseball team? (9)
How many players in a volleyball team? ()
How many players in a basketball team? ()
How many students in this class?
Can you speak Chinese?
When is Christmas Day? (December 25)
When is Valentine's Day? (February 14)
When is Halloween? (October 31)
When is the Mikame Pig Rodeo? (August 13)
Who is that? (point to someone)
Where is Cinema Sunshine? (Matsuyama, Ozu or Uwajima)
Where is Tokyo Tower? (Tokyo!!!)

NB If one pair of students can't answer a question, I ask the same question until someone does get it (and someone does always work it out). This way, the students pay more attention and listen to the next students attempting the same question. I don't explain "TV star", "movie star" - the students have to work it out themselves - but sometimes I will give a hint eg "DiCaprio" as a hint for "movie star".

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