Check out the Mr Wolf Song on the Genki English CD vol II

Game in Japanese

What Time is it Mr Wolf?

Target Grade:1-4
Target English: "What time is it?"

This is a traditional kids game. You also need the gym to play it in. First do the Mr Wolf Song, then...

1. Practice with the kids the phrase "What time is it?"

2. Practice the responses "it's 1 o'clock" "2 o'clock" etc. (they should know it from the song by now)

3. Introduce the name of the game. This gives a chance to introduce the cultural point of "Mr ...." (they all know Mr Bean by the way!)

4. All the kids line up against one wall of the gym.

5. One kid is selected as Mr Wolf who then walks to the middle of the gym.

6. The students objective is to reach the far wall. Mr Wolf's objective is to eat the other kids.

7. The kids shout out "What time is it Mr. Wolf?" in a big, huge voice.

8. Mr Wolf then shouts back the time. The time can be anything from 1 to 12 o'clock.e.g. "It's seven o'clock"

9. The kids then take the corresponding number of steps forward. For example 3 steps for 3 o'clock.

7. Repeat from step 7.

8. When Mr. Wolf decides that the other kids have got near enough the far wall (really his house) then instead of saying "it's ..... o'clock" he says "It's Dinner Time!".

9. All the kids then run back towards the wall they came from. But if Mr Wolf tigs (touches) them before they reach the wall then they become the new Mr Wolf!

10. Play Again!

You can either have Mr Wolf be replaced one at a time, or have several Mr Wolfs (e.g. if the first Mr Wolf tagged 3 kids there would be 3 new wolves).

Make sure the kids only take large steps, and not massive huge jumping leaps that some of them will be tempted to do!

It's good for about 20 minutes, which is usually enough time to let everyone be the wolf

A great way to practice the English in this song is to use the Mr Wolf song on the Genki English CD vol II !

Readers' Comments
by  Kaylyn Chan

Have a template of the clock and some hands to print out separately.  This way you can laminate the clock and hands and make your own time with a thumb tack to hold the hands in the center.  Much easier and time consuming than printing out all the clocks. 

Readers' Comments

by Gary Green

The children in my classes love this, but it has more mileage if you vary the language: 'What time do you get up Mr Wolf?; What time do you take a bath, Mr Wolf?; What time do you go to school, Mr Wolf?' etc. - Gary Green

Readers' Comments

by Charlotte

The game is very good and how many people do we need?
- minimum is around 5, and I've played it with over 100! - Richard


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