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I like animals!

Target Language: Some lesser know animals ( + to help with the Card Game )
Target Grade: All ages

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I like animals
by Richard Graham

I like snails. Snails? Yes, Snails.
I like kangaroos.
Kangaroos? Yes, kangaroos.
I like bears. Bears? Yes, bears.
I like you.

I like ducks. Ducks? Yes, ducks.
I like camels. Camels? Yes, camels.
I like spiders. Spiders? Yes, spiders.
I like her.

I like giraffes. Giraffes? Yes, giraffes.
I like rhinos. Rhinos? Yes, rhinos.
I like hippos. Hippos? Yes, hippos.
I like him.

I like penguins. Penguins? Yes, penguins.
I like dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs? Yes, dinosaurs.
I like bees. Bees? Yes, bees!
And I like me.
And you and you and you and you!

This song was a request from parents to help teach some lesser used animals. i.e. everyone knows cat and dog, but kids are often into other animals such as hippos or ducks.

All the animals are in the plural form so you can easily use them with "Do you like...?" without having to do any grammar explanations!

How to teach....

The teacher sings "I like kangaroos" etc. and the kids (or another teacher) answer back with a gesture and "Kangaroos?" and you say "Yes, kangaroos!" again with a gesture. At the end of each verse you sing "I like you / him / her / me" whilst pointing to a random student and finally yourself.

Check out this video from Italy!

Game:Dinosaur Danger!

1. The kids gather at one side of the room.
2. The teacher holds up one picture card and the kids have to make a sentence out of it, i.e. I like bears (or "Do you like bears?")
3. Continue from step 2.
4. But ... when the dinosaur card appears the kids all rush to the opposite side of the room.
5. The teacher runs through the kids to touch the wall at the side where they were previously standing.
6. If any of the kids take longer than the teacher to touch their wall, they are out. ( But you rarely need to enforce this rule as the kids usually just enjoy the running part without needing the extra motivation.)


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