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Around the World!

Target Grade:1-6
Target English: Vocab review!

This is a good, non-preparation game for quickly practicing new vocab.

1. The student who is sat in the far left corner of the room (student A, on the left) and the student in front of him or her (student B, on the right) stands up. The student from behind (A) comes and stands next the student in front (B).

2. You then ask a question that only these two students are allowed to answer.

3. The quickest one to shout out the correct answer is the winner. The other one is the loser

4. The loser sits down in the nearest empty seat (they don't return to their own seat). The winner then moves forward to the next desk, the person at this desk stands up and ......

5. .......these two get another question. In this case the boy on the left gets it right again!

6. So moves forward for another try with another partner. But this time he loses, so the kid on the right gets to move forward!!

7. They're ready for the question.....

8. And find it too difficult to answer!!!!!!

9. Keep repeating around the class!

Eventually all the students end up sat in completely different seats, hence "Around the World"! The winner is the person who moved furthest from their original position. A class of 30 takes about 15 minutes to go around everyone once.

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