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Balloon Game

Target Grade: 1-5
Target English: Any vocab, especially the Food Theme

This is a very fun, co-operative game.

1. Put the students into groups of 4 or 5. The best way to do this is to use the Mingle, it works a treat!

2. Each group forms a circle and they hold hands.

3. Give each group a balloon.

4. As a group they have to keep the balloon in the air, but when it touches a part of someone's body they have to shout out an English word.

Suitable topics are numbers, colours, fruits, or one really cool way is to use the foods from the Food Theme. The first kid says "I like apples", then the next kid has to say "I like bananas" etc. See if they can make it all the way to "zucchini" without letting the balloon fall!

Very simple but very fun. The game is good in building up team work and co-operation. But if you need to you could also introduce a little competition by seeing how long each group can keep the balloon in the air for, and remembering to reset the clock if they forget the English word!

I got this idea in Thailand, from Emi, thank you!

Readers' Comments

I'm from cartagena de indias,colombia. I am an English teacher and the balloon game really worked. Actually I decided to give them a quiz orally with this game. I wrote on the balloons the topic, eg. classroom objects,body and so on... they had to say a word according to the topic.


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