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Body Building Game!

Target Grade:1-6
Target English: body parts
Preparation: an inflatable dice

This is the perfect game to play after you have taught the song "Doctor, Doctor!". But the it can be used in a variety of other ways for learning other vocab!

Make sure the kids remember the words for parts of the body (head, eye, ear, mouth, nose, arm and leg) and then...

 1. Split the class into 6 teams. If they are in columns of desks then saying the left had column is team 1, the next team 2 etc. is usually the best.

2.On the board draw 6 limbless, featureless faces and bodies.

3. Tell the front person in each group to stand up.

4. You then ask the kids who are stood up a question. The quickest one to answer is the winner.

5. The winner rolls the inflatable dice.

6. If they get a "1" they can draw an eye on their team's face. If they have a "2" they can draw an ear. Similarly,"3" is a nose, "4" is a mouth, "5" is an arm and "6" is a leg.

Here we threw a "5" so can draw an arm!

7. But each team can only have one nose, one mouth, and two each of the ears, eyes, arms and legs. For example if your team has already 2 arms, and you roll another number "5" then that go is a "pass" because you can't add another arm! This really helps the weaker teams catch up (and sometimes win!!!)

8. The next person in each group stands up and repeat from step 4

9. The winning team is the first team to get 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 arms and 2 legs. If you run out of time then the team with the most features is the winner!

 The eyes, ears, etc. are drawn on one at a time.

Suitable questions include "What's this?" and point to your own body, or "show me a ....." where the kids have to point to their body. This game can also be adapted for Junior High School (it is very popular), questions to be used there can be based around the current grammar point (e.g. "Which is bigger, China or Japan?")

In Primary School the kids can get very good and it can often be difficult to tell who has answered the question the fastest! (I'm still working on this problem, trying making the questions more difficult helps a bit, or try using things from the Warm Up game!!).

Different numbers of students on each team can be good as you have different opponents each time.

If you don't fancy teaching "arm" and "leg" (it can be a bit much for the first years), then use "shoulder" and "head" instead!

To follow this game, why not try the Monster Drawing Game?

This game is adapted from one by Joel.


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