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author: Nigel
level: Children - Adult
target_English: instructions and nouns/adjectives
big_small: Small Groups

This game is based on a game played in the British TV show "Crackerjack". The game was a General knowledge quiz called "Double or Drop" and was devised by first host Eamonn Andrews - three children balanced armfuls of prizes but were 'awarded' a cabbage for a wrong answer. Two wrong answers or dropping your prizes meant you were out.

You will need a fairly large room/hall/gym as running is involved in my variation.

This game involves a large number "prizes" "items" such as balls of various colours and shapes, fruit and veg (plastic or real), plastic cups/plates/chairs, bags of various shapes and sizes and colours, dolls, toy or cuddly animals, etc but nothing small. Make sure that you have at least 2 cabbages for each team playing.

Put all the prizes on tables at the far end of the hall.

For every prize you will need a piece of paper with a description of the item ie a small blue football, a cuddly tiger, a green sports bag etc

Put all the descriptions in a bag.

Next the children are put into groups of 3. One is the "Holder", one is the "Runner" and the other is "Selector" (Maybe you can come up with better names)

The "Holder" stands on a platform and has to hold all the items/prizes. No language for him/her except maybe "Thanks" when he/she receives the prizes.

The "Selector" picks a random piece of paper out of the bag with the description of a prize on it and tells the "Runner" to "bring me a/an/the ?????" or maybe "find the ???? and bring it/them to me". Or maybe another phrase.

The "Runner" then runs to the prize table, finds the item and brings it back to the "Selector" who will then check that it is the correct item. If it is correct then he will say "give it/them to ?????(the holder's name). The holder then has to try and hold onto all the prizes without dropping any. If it is wrong then the "Selector" says "That's the wrong ????" or "That's not a ?????" the "runner" then has to take the item back and bring back the correct item.

If the Holder receives 2 cabbages the game is over for that team. If the holder drops any of the prizes then the game is over for that team.

The game should be timed, maybe up to 5 minutes a game. The team with the most prizes at the end of the game wins. Depending on the number of children in the class have a minimum of 3 teams playing at one time.


If you have a great idea please share it with everyone by submitting it to this page!
Or check out the main Genki English Games Page

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