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Genki English "Be Genki" software

NEW: You can now buy online and Download the software!

Put the Genki English CDs in a CD player and you have the amazing songs, but put the same CD in a suitable computer and you get to the new "Be Genki" software.... (of course the download pack has it all too!)

Each theme has a menu bar like above. By clicking on "words" you get the ...

Talking Words Pages:

Simply click the words or press the numbers 1 to 8 and hear each word pronounced. Each word is recorded with different people and different intonations to give the kids lots of English exposure. The main advantage is that is saves you carrying around heavy packs of laminated picture cards!

The best way to learn the English: Genki Computer Games!

(In the video I show you how to use the GenkiJapan games,
obviously the Genki English ones are in English!)

All the themes also have a funky game (or sometimes two!) You can even use the games to "pre-teach" the new language to save more time for real speaking practice.

(If you want to try it yourself, have a look at our learn Japanese or learn Korean pages.)

Illustrated Mini Lessons

Learn the song with the illustrated "Mini Lesson", the teacher becomes the "director", the kids become the center stage stars! Perfect if you're no good at singing yourself.

The Famous Genki English Songs

Then the song complete with lyrics and illustrations! A fantastic way to liven up the lesson and get the words stuck in your head. And a great way for kids to practice even when you're not there. i.e. they sing the song everyday and you'll dramatically cut down on the amount of review time you'll need in class!

And finally the Karaoke Section

Remember you have all these for all the Genki English themes!

If you're a teacher, the software is a great way to add an extra excitement in the lesson, and it's a great way to motivate kids who are more into computers than jumping up and down.

Plus they are a lot lighter than carrying round a big pack of picture cards! Either way the kids will be exposed to loads more English. We've done the hard work for you, you sit back and reap the rewards.

You can order the CDs now on their own or as part of the Teacher's Set or the new Download Songs & Software Pack

And of course if you have any questions, please get in touch!

Be genki,


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