Pirates with the
Coloured Beards

Target English: some colours and pirate fun!
Target grade: All ages

This song is in the Teacher's Set
And in the new curriculum Level.

Try some pirate fun to teach colours and the " 's "

Pirates with the coloured beards
by Richard Graham

We are the pirates!
We are the pirates!
We are the pirates
with the coloured beards.

Red, red, red,
Red Beard's beard is red.
Blue, blue, blue,
Blue Beard's beard is blue.
Black, black, black,
Black Beard's beard is black.
Pink, pink, pink,
Pink Beard's beard is pink.

We are the pirates!
We are the pirates!
We are the pirates
with the coloured beards.

White, white, white,
White Beard's beard is white.
Grey, grey, grey,
Grey Beard's beard is grey.
Brown, brown, brown, Brown Beard's beard is brown.
Green, green, green, Green Beard's beard is ...

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This song is a really simple, and cute, way to teach prepositions.

How to teach

1. Print out the flashcards.
2. Hand them out to the kids.
3. Get them to hold each one out as you sing it!

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Readers' Comments
  • Kristin Nishimura

    I think this will be liked by the younger boys! A great way to learn the colours

  • richard

    Oh yes, I'm thinking that kids just shout out the colour at the end of each sentence.

    Doing the full thing was a mouth full for me especially "Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown Beard's beard is brown!""" Oooo, could be good for tongue twister lessons though!! :)

  • Dawn

    Shouting out the colour at the end of the sentence would also keep them focused I think. I love the song and have great fun practicing how I would present it to my class though.

  • I think this is really good. For small and tall.
    It's a bit more advanced in the structure, and I can see how I can carry this over to higher grades:

    I am the girl with the pink ribbon. instead of
    I am a girl. I have a pink ribbon. (or sth.)
    He is the rockstar with the green guitar.

    and about the mouthful, I almost bet, that the kids will get it faster than me. Would be great if this goes on CD12 as well, Richard.

  • DeenaZ English

    This will definitely be a hit with the boys, who as you suggested will just yell out the colors at the end of the song (truly genius idea as it should keep them on their toes!)and with my young learners native speakers group as a fun, action-packed tongue twister!

  • Hi Richard, this is great! All the kids in my younger classes were absolutely obsessed with the pirate and anytime they saw I was putting on Vol 11 they cried out 'pirate, pirate!'

    I think they're going to love this. I can't wait to see the animation for it!

  • I'd try splitting the class into groups A & B. Group A sings the first verse, Group B sings the last word e.g. Red! Everyone sings the chorus. Then switch around. Group B sings the second verse, group A sings the last word e.g. brown, everyone sings the chorus. With lots of actions and mimic I think it work well. Especially with the boys.

  • Julia

    Thank you Richard for the very cute pirate song which can be used to accompaniment to a pirate sailors dance performing by kids wearing the masks. I imagine it will be fun!

  • As everything you create, it's great. Also you have the Christmas colour song, pupils need feed back all the time, so it's the best way to learn colours and describe faces, We also can play the game WHO IS WHO? and introduse moustache, because they are in different colours too.
    Also in carnival all the pupils can dressed up us pirates with coloured beard and sing the song and guessing game ( Who has got a red beard?// Jorge has got the red beard.)and everyone decribe him/herself ( I have blue beard and blue moustache.)
    It's brilliant

  • Gudrun

    Great idea, I am keeping it for Halloween! But please no pink, but rather yellow instead. Girls will probably not go for this one anyway and ALL my boys hate pink!!!
    Thanks for another big hit.

  • Believe me when I tell you that PINK IS THE COLOR with boys in Japan since years?! I mean boys from 11 up!
    My sons have all their underwear socks, and several T shirts in pink, and I must say I find it absolutely cool.

  • kolinda

    GREAT!!!!!!!!! Thanks

  • Alex E

    I really love this one. Any chance for the class to dress up as a character and sing and dance is great for me. Really amps up their silly, creative side. I had a blast last week with Kindergarten and the Superhero song. I had them come to school as superheros and sing the song for the rest of the school. They LOVED it. I think this one will be equally excellent, seeing as pirates are totally in right now. A cut-out beard mask would be really awesome for them to color, dress up and act out the song.

  • Amanda

    I think the boys in my class with like this. It is a different and interesting way to practice colors.

  • Lines Rodriguez Blanco

    Thank you very much Gaz and Richard Your brain never stop working and you help us a lot.
    I've got the song and the masks for Halloween or carnaval. you are the best. I only have to invent the dance.
    Lots and lots of thanks

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