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How to teach English DVD
Virtual English Teacher DVD!

Price: Only 3,990 Yen(+ P&P)
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Learn how Teach English by seeing it in action!

Learn how Genki English get such rave reviews for their lessons and see how you can make your lessons just as much fun. This DVD is designed to be a "virtual teacher" in the classroom, but it is also fantastic to pick up all the tips of the trade to make kids love YOUR classes!

"That was fun!" "I want to do more!" "I can do it!"

These are the types of reactions kids give when asked about studying with Genki English!

As seen on TV we'll teach the kids some of our best songs, and describe, in Japanese, how to play games for each of the three themes. And it's also great for non Japanese speakers to pick up on all the little hints and tips we use to motivate kids and to give them loads of confidence to try their best and be genki!

What's on the DVD?

There are 3 full Genki English themes. Each one has a lesson, an "MTV style" music video and game videos. "How are you?" and "Left and Right" also have groovy animations featuring our new Superhero Character - "Lionman"!

What's your name?
Great for pair work, learning eye contact and motivation! "Competition Time" and the Dynamite game are big hits!
How are you?
No "fine thank, and you?"s around here! The kids learn some great vocab, play a fun game and enjoy the adventures of "Lionman"

Left and Right
One of the most popular Genki English songs and often featured on TV. Learn to dance with "Roboto Richard Chan" and Will.
Warm Ups
Richard and Will each do 2 full warm ups. Great for getting the kids genki and starting the lesson on a high note!

The DVD is out now, order today and it will be with you in 3 or 4 days!

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