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Football Crazy, Football Mad

author:  Nigel
level:  Upper Elem / Junior High
target_English:  anything depending on age
big_small:  Big groups

This game is for elementary kids upwards who can stand patiently in line and for both large and small groups

Try and play this game in the sports hall.

You will need a football, a net and a blackboard. (or basket ball and hoop)

Have the children and blackboard at one end of the hall, the ball in the middle and the goal at the far end of the hall.

Draw a football pitch on the board (or basketball court, or rugby field, or american football pitch). Divide the pitch into 5 sections. You will also need a magnetic ball to place on the blackboard too. (If 5 sections are too few, then feel free to add more)

Next line up the kids in 2 rows in front of the blackboard.

As this is the beginning of the game the magnetic football starts in the middle of the field.

Next play rock, paper, scissors to see who kicks off.

You then ask the first person in the team to answer a question. If he gets it right the ball is passed forward to the next section and the next player gets to answer the next question. If he gets the question correct the ball should be now in the penalty box. The third child then has to answer a question. If he gets it right he can then run to the football and try and score a goal. If he succeeds that's 1 point to his team. The magnetic ball will then be placed back in the middle of the blackboard and the opposition have their go. Put the real football back in the middle of the hall.

If he fails to score it is like missing in which case the next team start their turn from the penalty box (a goal kick) and try and advance the ball to the opponents goal mouth.

If at any time a child cannot answer a question or gets it wrong, then play is passed to the opponents team who start to pass the ball forward from that sector. (Just like they have been tackled and lost ball possession).

The amount of time you give a child to answer is up to you and the age of the child, but probably having to answer the question quickly will make things go better.

If you have a basketball and hoop the child can run and try and make a basket.
If you have a rugby ball then the child tries to kick the ball above a certain line on the wall. (Hopefully no windows will be broken)

If you don't have a sports room, then roll up a piece of paper and try and hit a target on the blackboard.

As for questions, it depends on how old they are.

If you want you can also allow the opposing team to have a goal keeper who can try and save the shot.

At the end of the game the team with the most goals scored is the winner.


If you have a great idea please share it with everyone by submitting it to this page!
Or check out the main Genki English Games Page

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