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What food do you like? in Japanese

This video is based on the GenkiEnglish picture books ( if you teach in Japan your students might like them)

Again the Japanese one is a bit of an experiment, so if you have any comments or feedback, please put them on the YouTube page.
Similarly if we get lots of high marks on YouTube I'll see about doing some more in Japanese!

The main language is

= su ki na ta be mo no wa nan de su ka? = "What food do you like?".

You simply answer by saying...

= ga suki desu = "I like ...." just remember to put the food first. e.g. "piza ga suki desu" for "I like pizza".

One other thing we use in the video is

= chan = This is like the famous "san" as in Mr or Mrs, for example "Mr Miyagi" is "Miyagi san". But for small children, boyfriends, girlfriends or cute animals you can use "chan". Just don't say it to your boss!

Most of the foods are pretty straight forward, but we also have a few animals here.

They are:

= kan ga ru u = I hope you can guess this one!

= u sa gi = rabbit

= sa i = rhino

= ka ba = hippo

= ha chi = bee

= do ra gon = dragon ( as in Dragon Ball Z), or for oriental dragons you use = ryuu

As usual, use the video at the top of the page to get the pronunciation perfect!

Oh, and the last word you need is ..

= a na ta = you



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