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Rocket Japanese Review

Rocket Japanese is a newbie on the block and it's all available as an online download, which is a big plus point.

The actually system does seem a little "knocked together" rather than being a coherent programme like Michel Thomas Japanese or Pimsleur Japanese but the individual parts are pretty good.

The main part is a series of conversations to work through. This does sometimes feel a little "textbooky" and maybe a little artificial, but they try to include as much useful Japanese in each section which is very good. The scripts are in English, romaji and Japanese characters although of course the audio narrations, which you can put on your iPod, are the main focus and best part.

One of the other main parts of the course is the downloadable vocab software. It's similar to the Genki Japan games we have on here, although not quite as "fun", but there are quite a lot of them and they are a great way to learn.

Overall I think the course is pretty good. The price could be seen as a little steep compared with Michel Thomas Japanese (alothough it's a lot cheaper than Pimsleur Japanese!), and it's not in the same league as those two, but I think is an excellent addition to learn alongside either of those two or if you like learning through computer games. In fact the more I use Rocket the more I like it!

But the really cool thing is that they have a free 7 day trial, so even if you don't want to pay the full price you get a full week's worth of learning for free, which is a total bargain and totally recommended!

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Mata ne!
Be genki,


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