Genki Relax Law of Attraction CD

Relax. Listen. Succeed.

"What you think about today is what you get tomorrow" is the Law of Attraction.

Whether you wish to improve your finances, your health, your relationships or you simply wish to travel or improve your communication skills, the material presented here will help you change the way you think about success and life.

Listen to this album again and again, to relax & motivate you night after night or whenever you need it.

Recorded in beautiful Lake Como, Italy and in Japan, this mp3 album could bring into your life more than you've ever desired!

Order the MP3 Download Today for over 40 minutes of blissful relaxation and learning.

* Relax your body
* Success with Friends & Family
* Financial Success
* Travel & Adventures
* Communicate with Anyone
* Live in Your Ideal House
* Health and Energy
* Goals and Focus
* Reclaim Your Time

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Guarantee: If you don't find the materials useful, now worries just let me know and we'll refund your money. There's no risk for you, and we're super confident you'll find them very useful.

WARNING: Do not listen to these mp3s whilst driving or any situation where falling asleep
could be dangerous. This CD is designed for educational, not therapeutic, purposes. Relax and enjoy.

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Customer Feedback from Youtube:

I must say, I hesitated to purchase those mp3 but I'm glad I listened to the voice of my heart and did it anway because it's totally worth ALL its money! (Personally I think you don't charge enough for it... hehe) I'm through with it just now and I feel so much better about myself and my life! And I can't wait to sleep with headphones tonight! Infinite thanks to you, Richard!

This is amazing! THANKS! :D

I already purchased the album myself, I did not have the idea it would actually be Richard! Richard you sure have a reassuring voice, it's easy to trust and sink into the audio. You're a great guy, you really are the definition of Genki!

I just bought it and I have to say that it is very relaxing and positive. Next step would be to listen to it before I go to sleep. Thanks!

I KNEW YOU ARE PRACTICING IT !! I KNEW IT ! I could always tell it by your happieness and energy you bring up ! :) Haha I was right. 

Keep on rocking ! The method is really one important thing, more people should bring into their lifes - The world would probably get a better place ! 
positive regards and a lot of energy from Germany !

Order Today for Only $97 $19
And get your FREE Pdf phrase book.

(Secure payment by Paypal or credit card)