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Who is in the Haunted House?

Target English: rooms of the house & "Who"
Target grade: All ages

This song is in the Teacher's Set

Who is in the haunted house?

Who is in the haunted house?
Who is in the haunted house?
Who is in the haunted house?
Who is in the haunted house?

Who is in the kitchen?
Who is in the living room?
Who is in the bathroom?
Who is in the bedroom?

Who is in the haunted house?
Who is in the haunted house?
Who is in the haunted house?
Who is in the haunted house?

Who is in the dining room?
Who is in the garage?
Who is in the attic?
Who is in the garden?
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Bonus Materials...

A4 Flashcards
(What's this?)

Mini Cards
(What's this?)

Squares Game
(What's this?)

One Card Game


Colouring in

(great for parties!)

More Coming soon!

The rooms are the same as the Where is Baby Monkey? Rooms of the House song, so it's a great chance to review, and very easy to teach!

As with the other Genki English themes...

1. Run through the Mini Lesson then Song to get the English stuck in the kids' heads. Then ...2

2. Let's use that English to play some games!

Recommended Game:
The Vampire is in the Kitchen.

This first game is for slightly older kids who are into card games. Just be warned, unless you play games yourself you'll always lose to the kids!

1. Teach the "Who is in the Haunted House?" song ( and also make sure you've done the "What do you want to be for Halloween?" song in a previous lesson.)

2. Print out one set of rooms of the house mini cards and one set of What do you want to be for Halloween? mini cards.

3. Secretly put one monster and one room in an envelope and keep it at the front of the class.

4. Hand out the remainder of the mini cards to the kids. ( Put them in groups for large classes). Everyone keeps their cards secret!

5. Do a simple review type quiz of today's, and previous weeks', new English.

6. The group who answered correctly get to guess what is in the envelope. For example they say "Is the vampire in the dining room?".

7. If a group has either the vampire or the Dining Room they shout out "No!" ( because of course if they have the card it can't be in the envelope). The point is they don't say which card they have, so you only know that it is either the vampire or the Dining Room.

8. Continue from 5 until the envelope contents are figured out!

You may have heard of this game before, it's basically "Clue" or "Cluedo" and this simplified version works a treat in reviewing both family members and the new rooms of the house.

Spot the Difference Game
This is a great one for homework.

Once you've done the song, print out both the Haunted House and the regular rooms mini cards.

Some are really easy (e.g. colour changes etc.) but there are also lots & lots of really detailed differences as well. So if have any kids who are obsessed with gWhere is Wally?h or just want some fun homework, this is for you.
You can also print out the A4 versions to put on the wall for your Halloween party.

Recommend Game 3

Or you could make your own super large board game, like Flossy has done in this excellent video!

Bonus Game Idea

With the software you can also do this fun little bonus activity!

And if you have done the Under, on, in lesson before you can mix the two themes together to ask things like "Where is the bathroom?" "It's next to the bedroom" etc.

More Recommended Games

We're just compiling a load of games to use with the new CD 12 songs on the VIP forum now.
I'm sure you'll find lots of really cool stuff!

There are also my other Hallowe'en Ideas, The Trick or Treat song, Apple Bobbing song and Aygo's Craft Corner: Talking Jack o'lantern, complete with printable worksheet!

You can also find more Genki English Hallowen printables in these two ebooks:

Teachers Halloween Book Kids Halloween Book

Have a very Happy Hallowe'en!

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