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Island Hopping!

Target Age: Elem 1 to Junior High
Target English: Any vocab

This is a great review game that can either be played on the floor with big A4 cards, or across the desk with smaller ones.
The game can be played with any number of players, from 2 to 200 - if you have enough cards!

1. Give each player a pile of picture cards. They can be different cards, but the amount of cards should be the same for each person.

2. The teacher says "go!"

3. The kids pick up the top card of their pile of cards.

4. They shout out the word on the card. Or for a more challenging version they make up a sentence that features that word.

5. They put the card on the floor and walk onto it.

6. Repeat from 3.

7. Each card has to touch the edge of the previous card.

8. First kid to reach the other side of the classroom wins!

For this version you need to prepare lots of A4 cards, you can print lots of them from this this, see the clip art page.

For the desktop version you print out smaller cards and they have to race each other to the edge of the desk ( obviously without walking on the cards this time!). The mini cards on this site are great to cut up and use to make these smaller cards!


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