Joel Bacha's Elementary School English Plan

Year 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5

Year One

1INTRO > Sing ABC's ** Hello / Hello
> Count to 10 ** Good Morning / Afternoon
> actions: stand up, sit down, jump, spin, stop ** Goodbye
> Sing 'Hello' song / Craft (use their names)
2COLORS > actions: cheer, sleep, dance, shake hands ** Hello, My name is______ / My name is______
> colors: see 1-nen sei topics Nice to meet you (handshake)
> Find the color / Color basket > What's this?
3FRUIT > commands: play…. (, tennis) ** Hello, What's your name? / My name is_______. /
> fruit: apple, banana, cherry, grapes, orange, strawberry Nice to meet you / Nice to meet you too.
> Karuta or Fruit Basket (handshake)
> What's this?
4ANIMALS > actions: play…. , watch TV, go away, come here ** Thank you / You're welcome
> animals: bird, cat, dog, frog, lion, mouse, pig, rabbit > What's this?
> Good pet / Bad pet
> Group Karuta or Animal Basket
5NUMBERS > review: actions, colors, fruit, animals, ** Hello, What's your name? / My name is_______. /
> numbers: #1-12 Nice to meet you / Nice to meet you too.
> Group Karuta > How old are you? (handshake)
>> (age)
6WEATHER > review: actions ** How are you? / I'm (fine / good)
> weather: see 1-nen sei topics > What's the weather like?
> Pass the telephone game >> It's (weather)
7HALLOWEENculture > Halloween: ghost, witch, devil, pumpkin >> Happy Halloween
> Show pictures and Tell story
> Make pumpkin faces.
8BODY PARTS > review: actions ** How are you? / I'm (fine / good / OK)
> body parts: see 1-nen sei topics
> Draw picture game
> Sing Head & Shoulders / Simon says
9CHRISTMASculture > Christmas: Santa Claus, snowman, stocking, >> Merry Christmas
x-mas tree, present
> Show pictures, Tell story
> Make stockings
10REVIEW > review: actions, numbers (1-12), body parts ** Hello, What's your name? / My name is_______. /
> Various Games and Activities Nice to meet you / Nice to meet you too.
11ABCs > Sing ABC's ** How are you? / I'm (fine / good / OK)
> alphabet: A-apple, ant; B-boy, banana, bird > What's this?
> Introduce Alphabet Books
> Do A and B in Alphabet book and color book.
12ABCs > Sing ABC's ** Thank you / You're welcome
> alphabet: C-cat; D-dog; E-eel, elephant, egg; > What's this?
F-frog, fish, flower > What do you like?
> Group Karuta >> I like _______.
13REVIEWculture > review: phrases, alphabet vocabulary REVIEW ** phrases
> Tell story
> Play cultural game
NOTES: If +13 lessons, then:
-Cultural games
-Cultural crafts
-World talks
-English review
After lesson 6, ask 'What's the weather like?' at the beginning of each lesson.
** Conversation phrase
>> Lesson Speaking phrases
> Lesson Listening phrases



-Actions: stand up, sit down, jump, stop, spin, cheer, sleep, dance, shake hands,
play…..(ie. baseball, tennis), watch TV, go away, come here.

-Colors(8): green, blue, purple, red, yellow, orange, white, black

-Fruit/Food(8): apple, banana, cherry, egg, grapes, orange, strawberry, cherry

-Animals(13): ant, bird, cat, dog, fish, frog, lion, monkey, mouse, pig, rabbit, eel

-Numbers: #1-12

-Weather(5): sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, snowy

-Body Parts(8): hand, foot, head, eye, ear, nose, mouth, tummy

-Alphabet Pronunciation & Alphabet Vocabulary (see page 3): A-F

-Emotions(3): fine, good, OK


- Holidays: Halloween, Christmas, (others…)
- Cultural Games & Crafts
- World Talks: Time differences, Season differences, Distances

-PHRASES (Speaking & Listening):

-Good Morning
-Good Afternoon

-Hello, What's your name?
My name is _______.
My name is _______.
Nice to meet you. (handshake)
Nice to meet you too.

-What's this?

-Thank you.
You're Welcome

-How old are you?

-How are you?
I'm (fine / good / OK) .

-What's the weather like?
It's (weather)

-What do you like?
I like _______.

Copyright 1999/2001 Joel Bacha

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Year 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5

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