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This is a totally amazing Janken game that we were told about, this one we didn't do ourselves! You can find links to the author in the game, just be warned that not all of the content is totally suitable for kids! But play the game, it's a lot of fun!  

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The Coin Toss Game!

Grade: Elementary 1 to Junior High 3

On a cultural note, janken is not as often practiced as much as in Japan.  It's interesting to teach kids the idea of "tossing a coin" as an alternative to Janken.  


In the UK all coins have one side with a picture of Queen Elizabeth.  This is know as the "head" side.  The other side is referred to as the "tail" side.  You simply flip the coin up in the air and your opponent shouts our either "heads" or "tails".  If they are correct then they win, if not you win!  This game is quite often practiced at the beginning of sports matches!


A cool class game is .....

1. Tell all the kids to stand up.

2. The teacher tosses a coin

3. The kids shout out either "heads" or "tails"

4. The teacher tells them which it was.

5. The kids who guessed wrong sit down and are out of the game

6. Repeat from 2

7. Continue until only 1 kid is left standing! (Why not give them a coin as a prize??).


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