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"The Textbook Trail"
Team-Teaching Ideas and lesson plans for ALTs

textbook trail

Designed by my favourite group of educators, Altia Central, this is a complete guide, lesson plans, games, worksheets and photocopiables to fit in with the what we teach in Junior High.

It's big, it's fun, it's very comprehensive and is really easy to use. It's basically everything the textbook teaching guides should be.

It's nearly 200 pages long and you can check out the Free Sample chapter!
(Note: the real book is in black & white and English only!)

If you're teaching in Junior High School, here's the answer to your prayers!

The price of the book is 4,000 Yen + Post & Packing.

Which to go for Textbook Trail or the Team Taught Pizza?

Good question! The Textbook Trail is very professional with very comprehensive coverage, lesson plans and worksheets for the themes in the JHS textbooks. The Team Taught Pizza on the other hand is big a collection of tried and tested activity game and activity ideas. The only disadvantage of the Textbook Trail is that it's only in English ( the Pizza is bilingual).

If your school are paying though, the ideal thing is to get both books, they compliment each other very well!