Game in Japanese

The Ladders Game!

Target Grade:2-5
Target English: Vocab, listening skills!

This game can get quite dangerous, so its best to do it in the gym rather than the classroom!!!

1. Teach them some new words. (or review the previous lessons words)

2. Have the students make two lines (usually they will have a red and a white team in each class, have one line red and one line white)

3. Tell them to turn so that the two lines are facing each other.

4. Have them sit down, with their legs outrstretched in front of them. with their feet touching the feet of the person in front of them (check whether this is culturally acceptable in the country you are teaching in!) They have now made a "ladder" and their feet are the "rungs" of the ladder.

5. Assign each pair of students an English word from the target vocab (e.g. apple, pear or firework, festival etc.). For 30 students you will need 15 words.

6. You then read a story.

7. The students listen. If you say their word then they have to....



a) stand up
2) run down the middle of the ladder, over the "rungs" towards the "top" of the ladder (into the screen in this case)
c) come back down the outside of the ladder (from the top to the bottom)
d) From the bottom go back up the rungs to reach their own place.
e) sit down in their own seat.

8. The fastest student gets one point for his or her team!

9. Continue and repeat from step 6.

This game is also called " Chinese ladders". It can also be a bit difficult to explain using only words, so its best to act out what the kids have to do yourself beforehand!

If you have more than 20 students then consider having 2 ladders of 16 students each. If you have an odd number of kids then get their teacher to join in!!

For more fun (and danger!) try saying several words at once!!

Readers' Comments:

Aly W.

This is a really big game, so usually people play it in the gym.  But I found that it is just as fun for kids, and safe to use in  small classroom, to play it as "The Tunnel Game" instead.  Rather than sitting with their feet together, the kids just stand facing each other, and have to run through the tunnel created by their classmates!


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