Game in Japanese


Target Grade:1-6
Target English: Vocab practice

This is an adaptation of a game Japanese kids play in their break time.

1. On the board, from left to right put about 8 or 9 picture cards. In this case we are learning "time" so have clocks to read out.

2. Split the class into two teams. One team lines up on the left side of the room, and the other team on the right side of the room.

3. The first kid from each team comes to the board, one at the left side and one at the right. They read the words out loud, one at a time,"leaping" along to their opponent's side of the board.

4. When the meet they have to "janken" (i.e the Rock, Paper, Scissors game, use the Genki English song to teach it). The losing kid sits down. This kid is replaced by the next member in their team. This member starts from the start of their line. The winning kid continues from where he/she stopped.

5. The teacher says "go!" and they start again, reading the words outloud until they meet.

6. Repeat from 4

7. If they manage to reach their opponent's side of the board they have won!

This is a really quick, no preparation game - enjoy!
You can use it for any vocab. In Junior High you can use "Cool Words" with things like "Cool", "Check it out", "Amazing", "You OK?" or whatever.

For younger kids you can try time. Draw 7 clocks on the board for the kids to read out (even better, get them to draw the clocks themselves!).

Or here's a version using the Where are you going? lesson as a base:

Or using the Superhero lesson

Or you can play it using the Mini Cards:

And make sure the losing team remebers the Golden Rule - "Losing doesn't mean losing, it means you get another chance to try again!"



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