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This page is a guide to the ABCs, but  also have a look at the  new phonics page!

I'm sure everyone already knows the "ABC" song.  So here we'll concentrate on some games that you can use to practice recognition of the letters!

The first thing to do is to prepare a set of picture cards.  A4 size, doubled sided and laminated is the best bet! Then you can use these cards to play some of the following games.

Karuta  - simply write numbers on the cards
The ostrich game 
Sticky fingers
or the String Game

You can also try this speaking alphabet! Click here for a full screen version!


Or what about alphabet dot-to-dots? 

Alphabet dot to dot!

Join the dots in the order of the alphabet to reveal the picture - Click here for full screen version. or Click here for a printable version! 


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