GenkiLearning.net is an internet site featuring original ideas for teaching younger children important skills in a fun, exciting way, using games and songs.

The materials presented here were originally based on those developed for the www.GenkiEnglish.com website.  This website is a huge resource of materials for language teachers, written by myself, Richard Graham. 

What does Genki mean?

Genki is a Japanese word meaning "fun, lively, full of life and energy!".  The Genki English site, songs, games and shows have received rave reviews in Japan, having appeared in many newspapers and TV stations over the last year.  "Genki English taking primary schools by storm" was what the Daily Yomiuri Newspaper said!

The basic idea of  Genki teaching is that if learning is fun, the kids will want to learn more! However every activity also has a sound educational value. Games for a game's sake aren't effective, but quality educative activities presented in a fun, Genki way can achieve amazing results!

What's on the site?

On this website you will find teaching ideas, along with free MP3 songs, videos, and worksheets.  However to get the most out of the ideas presented here, the Genki CDs contain more songs, as well as computer software and come complete with worksheets to build the class into a comprehensive learning environment.

Please feel free to adapt the ideas to your class, to email me, and to ask questions on the discussion board!

But above all, have fun and Be Genki!!



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