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The Genki  CDs each contain the  songs, plus karaoke versions (so the kids can sing along!) and CD-ROM software to reinforce the material in the songs! They were originally designed for teaching English, but have tremendous value in teaching the basic themes involved in each song, from telling the time, to remembering left from right! Click on the song titles for details!

CD Vol. I

CD vol 1

1. What's your name?  MP3 video
2. How are you?  MP3
3. Left and right  video
4. How much?  (Video)
5. What's the weather like? 
6. Where are you from?
7. Thank you! (video)

Price: $39:95 + $4.95 P&P

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CD Vol. II

CD vol 2

1. How old are you? MP3!
2. Fruit Market
3. What time is it, Mr Wolf?
4. What's your favourite colour?
5. Where are you going?
6. What are you doing?
7. The Monkey Family

Price: $39:95 + $4:95 P&P

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1. Good Morning
2. Sports
3. Do you like...?
4. When is your birthday?
5. How did you get here?
6. I have a question! (adjectives)
7. I'm thirsty!


Order all 3CDs, for $109:90 + FREE P&P and receive a FREE "Worksheet pack" featuring games and activities to use with the songs and software!
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Genki Kids Software! But these are special CDs! Place the CDs in a CD player and you can hear the 14 tracks of music. Now place the same CD in a suitable computer and you have a set of software to back-up each song!

On the left hand side of the screen you have the lyrics.

On the top right is a guide to the meanings of the words.

The best part is that you move the mouse over the words or lyrics and you can hear them spoken!

Finally, on the bottom right is a fun quiz where the kids can check they've learnt all the words, in a fun way!!

You don't need an Internet connection to use the software, but it does use Internet technology. This means that the kids are also learning valuable IT and Internet skills whilst playing with the Genki Kids CDs.

Suitable computers include newer Macs, and computers with Windows 95,98,2000 or newer.

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