How are you?
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This is a great song activity to help kids express how they are feeling.  To get even shy children involved, one technique is for the teacher to have a "competition" with the kids.  The teacher shouts out each expression, along with the relevant gesture, and the kids shout it back.  This way everyone tries their hardest!

You can download the song for FREE in MP3 format here. Or you can purchase it on the Genki  CD vol. 1

The lyrics of the song are "Hello, how are you?" four times, and then

"I'm hungry" - everyone runs their tummy!
"I'm tired" - they pretend to be asleep
"I'm cold" - they wrapped their arms around themselves and pretend to shiver!
"I'm sad" - everyone pulls a sad face!


"I'm happy" - everyone makes a big smile!
"I'm great"  - everyone does a big "star jump" in the air!
"I'm good"  - thumbs up!
"I'm OK!"   - The Ok sign!



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