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Remembering your left from your right can sometimes be confusing for kids! But try out the GenkiLearning Left and Right song and the kids will know it in no time! You can see a video of the song in action here, or buy the song on the Genki CD vol. 1!

The key to the song is the dance that accompanies it!  During the first part the kids start up and sing and move together, first to the left, then to the right, then forward and back!

During the verse parts I find it best if the kids just listen and do the actions! For example, the first verse goes like this.....

Then back into singing the chorus!

In Japan this song is taught as part of English lessons, and often the younger kids end up knowing left and right better in English than in their own language! It is great to use for pre-school kids, even if their first language is English!


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