What's your name?
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Try using the Genki Learning Song to teach what's your name! You can download the song for FREE here on MP3 Or you can watch a video of the song in action here. Or you can order the Genki English CD which includes the song!

As with the other Genki Learning materials the song is best used along with the relevant actions.  

  1. The kids make pairs.  
  2. Together they sing the "What's your name?" part.  
  3. Then one child from each group says "My name is "+ their own name, two times. 
  4. Next their partner says their own name 2 times.  
  5. Now they shake hands whilst saying "Nice to meet you!".
  6. Finally comes the fun part! The teacher shouts out "Change" and all the kids have to find a new partner ready for the next verse! The kids love this!

This song was originally designed for children learning English as a foreign language.  However it can be used as an excellent activity to promote communication with others as well as manners and sociability! It's also a fun way to start a class, or a great way for new groups of kids to get to know each other.


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