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The idea of phonics is that you teach your students the various sounds of  English letters. The problem with traditional phonics was that if you have a printed book, you can't hear the sounds, similarly if you have an audio cassette, you cannot see the letters! So that's why I came up with this page, where you can hear the sounds, see the letters and have full control over which ones to study!

In the table above you have the 5 vowels, the 21 consonants and several "blend" and "combination" sounds where consonants are used together. Move your mouse over the sounds to hear them pronounced, or click on the pictures to hear them.

This isn't a total nor exhaustive list, but hopefully it'll be enough to get you started! Let your students have a go and see how they get on!

Also try out these phonics worksheets

If you have any comments or questions I'd like to hear them, send me an email!

I got the inspiration for this from working on a similar page for learning Japanese "hiragana" and "katakana" - you can have a look on the Genki Japan Page!


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