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What time is it?

The song "What time is it, Mr Wolf?" fits in well with the kids playground game of the same name. The easy to remember melody helps kids to remember how to tell the time! You can see a video of the song here, or have your own copy on the Genki CD!

1. During the "What time is it?" part of the song, the children march along in time whilst singing.

2.Next they crouch down, and whilst counting on their fingers they sing in a soft voice "It's 1 o'clock" up to "It's 4 o'clock".

3. They then stand up, and again whilst counting on their fingers, they shout out "It's 5 o'clock" up to "It's 8 o'clock"

4. They then crouch back down and sing in a soft voice from 9 until 12 o'clock.

5. Whilst spinning around, they stand up, then jump in the air and shout out "It's dinner time!"

6. Repeat from the beginning!

You can also try a variation on the karuta game, called "mini karuta"

1. Put the kids into teams and give each team a work sheet containing pictures of clocks (click here for an example)

2. In the groups they draw times on each clock face. To keep things simple, only allow "o'clocks" or "half pasts"

3. They cut out the clocks and each group spread them out on a table in front of them.

4. The teacher (or a student) shouts out a time e.g. "It's 4 o'clock"

5. In each group the kids try to slap their hand down on the correct clock! The fastest kid takes the clock and is the winner! Make sure you set the ground rules; if any kid intentionally slaps another they get MINUS one point! If two kids tie, why not try the Japanese game of Janken? If there are only a few clocks left, call out a number that isn't there! If any kid slaps their hand down, they have to sit the next go out!

6. Repeat from 4. At the end of the game the kid with the most clocks in each group is the winner!

Remember to teach the "Golden Rule" with these games, if everyone is having fun then everyone wins. If you lose, the real meaning is that you have another chance to try again and maybe win!!

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