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Learn to Speak German: "What's your name?"

Wie heisst du?
by Richard Graham
German Vocals by
The Zwischentone

Wie heisst du?
Wie heisst du?
Wie heisst du?

(clap, clap)

Wie heisst du?
Wie heisst du?
Wie heisst du?

(clap, clap)

Ich heisse ...
Ich heisse ...
Ich heisse ...
Ich heisse ...

Hallo! Wie geht's?

( Repeat 3 times)

Listen to the song a couple of times and it will stick in your head all day!

Learn on the train, on your
iPod or in the car.
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Wieviel kostet das? song
Wie heisst du? song
Links und Rechts song
Hallo, wie geht's? song
Danke song

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The English & German versions are on Genki English vol. 1

Lesson Plan for German Teachers...

If you're using the song in a classroom ...

1. First of all teach the phrases "Wie heisst du?" ("What's your name?") and the answer "Ich heisse...." ( "My name is...")

2. Explain "Hallo, wie geht's?" ( "Hello, how are you?") and tell them to do a handshake when saying it!

3. Go through the song phrase by phrase without the mp3, a couple of times

4. Tell everyone to make groups of 2. Start the music.

5. They all sing the "Wie heisst du?" part 3 times then clap twice.

6. One person in each pair says the "Ich heisse...+ their own name" two times.

7. The other person says it two times.

8. They both say "Hallo, wie geht's?" whilst shaking hands and making eye contact.

9. They split up with their partner, find a new partner and repeat from 7.

In future lessons you can play the song once and the kids should remember it! It's a really quick review!

Anyway, enjoy!! (and good luck in trying to get this one out of your head after you've heard it a few times!!

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