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Feedback is very important. For my own lessons I would receive a timetable similar to that below. One week prior to the lesson I would (if time allowed), discuss with the class teacher what the aims  of the lesson would be; for example to teach a specific piece of culture or some target English. After the lesson both the Japanese teacher and myself would write comments about the class. These comments would be discussed the following week and any problems sorted out. As language problems may come into play, in the beginning the school's appointed "International Understanding" teacher should act as a go between, However this is one great way to improve your Japanese!

International Understanding Education Plan
Time Year Lesson Plan
Period 1
Period 2
9:15 - 10:00
1 Numbers 1-20 Review - Hammer Game
Period 3
Period 4
3 "What's the weather like?" - It's rainy, cloudy, windy, snowy, sunny, fine, hot, it's a beautiful day! - Weather Song , Gokiburi Game
3 Have lunch with the students!
Period 5
5 English School Life (videos, pictures ,emails to UK etc.)
Period 6 

1 Year:   Good! Very genki! Last week 10-20 were a bit dodgy, but this week everything was well spoken! Cool!
3rd Year   Great! They learnt the words well, and the song was great. Next time we'll review using the software.
5th Year   Excellent. They seemed very interested (especially in the hamburgers for lunch) and asked tons of questions!

Click here for a blank form that you can use in your own classes!

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