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January 2001

Welcome to the  first Genki English Newsletter of the New Year! There has been lots happening with Genki English this month, and there is a new, easier to use structure to the website. I've also put up a "Random Game Button" for when you want a quick idea! But the big news is a Special Offer we have....

FREE! Genki English Worksheet Pack!

Lots of people have been asking for worksheet based activities for the kids to do in class, or for homework. Worksheets  are a great way to calm kids down, add rhythm to a lesson or to give them something to take home and show how good their English is! So I've been working on a set, along with instructions, which has turned into a 20 page pack! I wanted to make them available to lots of people, so here's the deal; we'll send you the pack for FREE when you  buy both  Genki English CDs!! Songs, software, games and worksheet activities, P&P included for  9130 yen! You can find details on the worksheet page on the website ( and the order form is at For orders outside Japan you can also pay by credit card (via by clicking here

If you are one of our valued customers, then as a big "Thank you" you can download the worksheets from the website, again for free! Have your CD ready when you go to the site as you'll need to enter a password which is written on the case!

March 10th: Genki English in Kobe!

Yes, we will have a presentation for teachers and a Genki English show for kids at the ALC Language Exposition in Kobe! It'll be a great show!! We are now planning various other large-scale live events, if you would like us to come to your area, then please get in touch!

New Game : Fukuwarai!

This month's new game is the traditional Japanese New Year game of Fukuwarai. It is a great way for anyone to teach and practice directions and parts of the face!

Target Grade:1-6
Target English: Directions + Face parts!
Preparation: A blank paper face, cut out nose, eyes, mouth etc. A blindfold

1. Attach the featureless face to the chalkboard (magnets are best!)
2. Put on the blindfold!
3. Choose one body part at random (have them spread out on a desk)
4. Hold it up and ask the kids "What's this?" They answer in English!
5. You face the board, attempting to stick the part onto the face.
6. The kids guide you by shouting out "Left, right, up, down" etc. Ignore any Japanese comments they make, only listen to the English!!
7. Stick this part onto the face.
8. Repeat from 3
9. Admire the work of art you have created!!

Mr Monkey's Joke Corner!

Do you fancy using the Internet in your classes, but not sure which sites would be suitable? Well, the "kawaii eigo" section of Genki English is a series of talking, animated quizzes and games presented just for kids! The page has actually shot up to become the 3rd most popular section on the site!!! So this month I have 2 of Mr Monkey's Jokes!! You need to speak a bit of Japanese to get the punchline, but I'm sure your kids will love them!!!

New Singing Page!

In response to people who requested to hear more of the songs before buying the CDs,  you can now hear some small snippets on the groovy new singing songs page:

Keikaiwa: Genki English on your mobile!

If your students are slightly older, you might want to try my re-launch of the page. The page features a new Genki English phrase every week. You can access the page via a mobile phone, and you can even get each week's new phrase automatically emailed to your phone! Plus, if you check out the page on a normal computer, you can actually hear the phrases spoken! Have a try for yourself at

It's not just languages!

As you know Genki English is used by teachers from all over the world for teaching languages. But now it seems that teachers in the UK may soon be able to use the Genki English materials to teach younger children basic skills, from learning their left from their rights, to telling the time! So when you teach using Genki English you're teaching a lot more than just a foreign language! I'm currently setting up a webpage that will present the Genki English materials in a way suitable for teaching these other subjects, tell your colleagues about "Genki Kids"

Have something you'd like to say to your Japanese teacher?

ALC press have just released a new magazine in Japan, aimed at teachers in primary schools. I've also got a column in there, where I'll be talking about  things from an ALTs point of view. So if there's anything you think that Japanese teachers should know about, or would like to tell them, then make your suggestions on the discussion board at and I'll see what I can do about incorporating them into future articles!! There are lots of hints and ideas in the magazine, so go on, buy a copy for your Japanese teacher! There'll also be a special article featuring Genki English coming up soon!

Will's Tour Diary!

Yes, it will be back!! Keep checking back for updates to Will's diary! Hopefully there will be some pictures (and even video?) uploaded soon! At the moment we are on the home stretch to Shikoku when disaster strikes! Is this the end of the Genkimobile? Off to Kyushu for some hot baths in Beppu, down to Kagoshima for a show in the shadow of a live (?) volcano, and then, what did the Kumamoto girls do to Will? And does the genkiness last till the end of the tour?? Find out soon!

And Finally...

 On the 4th of January I did a live interview with NHK, via telephone from Europe! That was interesting!

Hopefully you'll enjoy the new design of the webpages and if there's anything else you'd like to see featured, then get in touch! You may also have seen Genki English articles in various publications over the last few months. If you are an editor of a newsletter, magazine or website, big or small, then get in touch and we'll see what we can do about getting  some Genki English content for your publication!

Oh, how about a competition to win $10,000? Well, I tried to organise it so that if you recommended Genki English to a friend then you'd be entered into a draw to win just that, $10,000! But I couldn't get it set up in time! But keep checking back and I might just be able to pull it off!!

Remember to check out the offer of free worksheets!

Till next month,

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham 
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities 

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