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July/August 2000

It's our birthday!! It's exactly one year since I started this Primary School Games Homepage.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the year.  

Recently I've been getting lots of visitors who use the homepage for teaching languages other than English!  Remember you can use these games for all sorts of things, even science or maths classes!

I've been doing my final review lessons, and this is my kids all time top five games!

1. The Star Wars Game
2. The Hammer Game
3. The Fishing Game
4. The Ladders Game
5. Karuta!

Which ones do your kids like the best??

This month's games

It's now into the summer holidays so this month's first game is the cool "Group game" (I couldn't think of a groovy name!).  It's a great game for summer camps or anywhere where you want a quick, easy game that even complete beginners can play.

We also have the cool Newspaper Sumo game, which is perfect for smaller groups of kids!

Next month will see the new Japanese JET teachers entering primary schools. So I'm planning a big update with articles and games for your first few lessons! If you have any questions or things you'd like me to cover then send me a message! 

Bonus Idea

A friend of mine was talking to me a few weeks ago about using puppets in the classroom.  I tried out a few ideas and they really help in giving shy kids a chance to speak!  I tried playing the ball and music game.  But instead of a ball, the kids passed around two puppets (one of Ernie from Sesame Street, and one was a kangaroo - very cute and the kids love them!).  When the music stopped the kids had to do the conversation (I think we were doing "What ... do you like?"), but they had to speak using the puppets (making sure they moved their mouths etc.!).  It worked really well, and the class was in riots when the kids started putting on silly voices! After a while they started getting a bit rough when passing the puppets, so I joked that were feeling a little unwell and the kids should take better care - and they did!  Try it! I'm sure you could find lots of other uses as well!

@Bonus Idea Two

Try singing the "How are you?" song with the teacher singing one line and the kids doing the next.  The competition is to see who can sing the best and loudest! It's a good way to do the song if you haven't much time.  Last week I did it with 180 kids vs. me.  I lost!@

Genki English in the News!

Did you catch me on NHK's teregoji the other week (it was only on in Shikoku, sorry!).  Anyway I've written up what I said for people who missed it - check it out here!!  We were also in the Japanese "Gendai Kyouiku Shimbun".  Keep a look out for us!

And finally....

This month I finished my 3 years on the Japanese government's JET programme.  So from now on I'll be doing the Genki English work full time!  We'll be doing our tour of Japanese primary schools, as well as teaching training seminars.  Of course the homepage will be kept right up to date and I'm planning some new things that I'm sure you'll love! The idea is still that I keep everything on here for free and pay for everything via revenue from the Genki English CDs!  I really want to make learning foreign languages as fun and genki as possible.  They are the way forward, the way to understand and communicate with people around the world, and the way to make the world a more peaceful place.

See you later,

be genki,


Richard J. Graham 
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities 

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