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September/October 2000

Wow, have I got a great update for you this month!! First of all we have another FREE MP3 song.  This month's new game is the brilliant Sticky Fingers - with video explanation. Plus there is Mr Monkey's talking cooking page (yes, talking)!! I've been busy and I hope you enjoy them!!

How old are you? FREE MP3!

The big update this month is another FREE song!!! Yes, to celebrate the launch of CD volume II (it's out and ready to be ordered!!) I've uploaded half of the "How old are you?" song! It's a groovy little number that your kids will love!! There is even a version in Realaudio, for people who don't have the time to download the MP3! One of my friend's kindergarten kids heard this the other day, and was singing along in minutes. It's a good, fun song.

Sticky Fingers Game

The new game this month is the Sticky Fingers game. It's great for beginners or small groups of kids. There is also another video to go with it and help make explaining the game even easier. Try it alongside the How old are you? song for a great lesson!

Mr Monkey's Cooking Corner

I'm not sure, but this could be a first for the net. When the teacher explains what to do, cooking is always a great way for kids to hear English! As there is lovely food involved, the kids tend to pay attention! So I've been working on a new talking homepage. You move the mouse over the ingredients, or the steps involved, and you can actually hear  the instructions in easy English! There are also cartoons of what you're supposed to do (and some strange sound effects)!! This will be great as you can let the kids learn on the computer, they can listen to each step as many times as they like and then they can go and make it. The two recipes are Cheese on Toast (great for introducing a bit of English culture!!) and Chocolate Bananas!!

Remember cooking is always a great idea, try out some of your favourite recipes with the kids!!

Different Languages

To welcome speakers of French, Italian and Japanese I've recorded Realaudio welcome messages in these languages. I'd love to do more, but these are the only languages I speak! By the way, I've now had visits to the homepage from over 50 different countries - thank you!!

Teaching Idea

Everywhere seems Olympic mad at the moment, and if you want to bring some of the excitement to your lessons, why not try the Olympic Game! Simple take the ideas from the "ski" or "grand prix" game, but use pictures of  famous athletes!!! Having events that actually take place on the day of the lesson is cool!!

Genki English on Tour

We're currently on tour round Japan teaching workshops and shows in various schools!! In September I started off with a few shows in Ehime and a guest appearance on the Mayor of Matsuyama's radio show, then off to Fukuoka for a couple of genki shows (check out the Yomiuri Newspaper next week)!! Now we're heading off to Hokkaido, then making our way south via Kantou, Kansai, Western Japan, Shikoku, and finally ending up in southern Kyushu in December!! So if you want us to pop into your area then get in touch!

We've also had quite a few requests to do workshops abroad, and are considering maybe taking Genki English around the world! Anyone else like us to visit???

And finally...

Hope you like this month's new ideas, they take a lot of time and effort to do, but I really enjoy the emails and comments that I get from teachers, parents and students - thank you! Keep checking back at the page as nearer the time I'll be putting some Hallowe'en ideas up!  Any requests, comments or things you'd like to see on the homepage? Simply send me a mail or put a message on our discussion board!!

Don't forget to check out the new CD page, and let us know if you'd like a visit from Genki English!!

See you later,

be genki,


Richard J. Graham 
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities 

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