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Look at me!

Target English: Me, him, her, you
Target grade: All ages

This song is in the Teacher's Set
And in the new curriculum Level.

All you do is to point to me, you, him, her as you sing the song!
It's a very useful bridge between the regular pronouns song and the "What do you think of ...?" song

For VIP Members you have A4 cards and Mini cards:

One great use of this song is to use it with celebrities and "Do you like him/her?"

Readers' Games

Look at me: Japanese "atchi muite hoi"

1. Play Rock, Paper, Scissors in pairs.

2. Then the winner quickly says:
gLook at me/ you/ him or herh
(While pointing at a picture of a male person with ghimh at the left hand side
and a female with gherh at the right hand side)

3. The partner has to move his/her head into any of the 4 directions AT THE SAME TIME,
and is out if he looks in the same direction as the other person is pointing.

Dinosaur game:

1. Get in groups of 3 or 4 with mixed boys and girls mixed.
2. One kid says: gLook at me.h The other three say hLook at her/himh and do look at him/her.
3. Next round the kid next to the first speaker again says gLook at meh The other
three sayhLook at her/himh and do so.
4. Until one kid says: gLook, a dinosaurh everyone has to run to the wall before this kid tags them!

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