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Harry Potter Game!

Target Grade: Lower Primary / Kindergarten
Target English: basic counting

Simply using the name Harry Potter makes the kids get all excited, and using this game you can channel that energy into some fun counting practice!

1. Split the kids into three groups. I recommend using "Mingle"

2. One group becomes "Voldemort" ( sorry for mentioning his name!)

3. The other two groups are Harry Potters.

4. The Harry Potters you set free and they run around the room.

5. The Voldemorts put their hand in the air and extend their index finger as their magic wand!

6. The Voldemorts chase after the Harry Potters.

7. If a Voldemort touches a Harry Potter with his "wand" thus casting a spell, the Harry Potter must freeze!

8. The Voldemort then puts another spell on Harry by shouting out a number. The Harry Potter must jump this many times, all the while counting out loud.

9. If a free harry Potter asks a jumping Harry Potter how many jumps he/she is doing, the spell is broken and the jumping Harry Potter is now free to run away!

Keep going for a while, then change the groups to let everyone have a chance to be Harry Potter! Great fun!

At first the Voldemorts will shout out low numbers, but once they catch on they start giving out big numbers, and here the Harry Potters get practice at counting these big numbers!


Math Games to Make Math Fun!

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