Game in Japanese

Mushi Battle Game

Target Age Group: Elem 1 to Adults ( esp Mushi King fans!)
Target English: Bugs!

Mini Cards

If you're a CD owner,
click the picture above to print them out!

This is a great game that you can use with any topic, but it ties in very nicely with the new "Creepy Crawlies" theme! "Mushi" means "bug" in Japanese and anything to do with games and bugs is very popular at the moment.

First of all you need some cards with pictures of various creepy crawlies on them, you can use your own, or if you have the Genki English CD Set you can download the ones opposite.

1. Give each kid 4 or 5 mini cards.

2. They fan them out so other people can see how many cards they have, but can't see what's on them.

3. The kids find a partner.

4. The first kid asks "What's that?" whilst pointing to one of their opponent's cards. ( "What's that?" is one of the target phrases in the Creepy Crawlies song,).

5. The other kid answers.

6. The kid who just answered points to one of the cards from the first kid and asks "What's that?"

7. This kid answers.

8. Now they "janken" ( Rock, Paper, Scissors).

9. The winner takes the loser's card and adds it to their fan of cards.

10. They go around asking different people until someone has a full set of 8 cards, then they are the winner!!

11. If anyone runs out of cards, they come and ask the teacher who has an infinite supply!

Thanks to the Mushi King card game craze, the thought of playing a card game with bugs is a big hit with the kids (it's the new pokemon!), and if you use the Genki English mini-cards then the pictures are cute enough so even the kids who hate bugs like the game!

It is quite difficult to get a full set of 8 cards, so if you run out of time remember the second rule of Genki English - "Losing doesn't mean losing, it just means try again!", and you should end up with a class of kids eager to try next lesson, or in the playground if you let them keep the cards.

Or then again you could just give them 7 cards from the beginning and see a load of winners straight away!

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