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April 2002

Hello, how are things? I hope you enjoyed your Spring or Easter break! We had a great time in March, doing a volunteer show at a Special Needs school in Shizuoka, and then at the G-Com Expo in Yokohama (site of the World Cup Final!), after Sesame Street and various NHK presenters had shows, it was Genki English! That was really fun! And that's what it's all about, having fun, relaxing and enjoying the teaching!
The next day, along with a university lecturer, we had a teacher training seminar, it always seems a surprise to some people that Genki English has all this theory behind it! But that's why it works, because the ideas we put on the site are tried, tested, the theory is researched and everything is there for a reason! So thanks to everyone who helped us out last month!

New Weekly Column in the "Asahi Syougakusei" Newspaper

The Asahi Syougakusei Shinbun is a national newspaper for primary school age kids. From last week every Friday will have its own Genki English column! So if you want to let your kids get Genki first hand, show them a copy! Most schools, or libraries should have it! As well as bits of culture, the main message will be getting kids enthusiastic and confident! If there's anything you'd like us to mention in the articles, then please write and let me know!

New: Genki English Desktop Wallpaper

Lots of websites are now offering downloadable wallpaper (you know, the big picture that sits on the main screen of your computer). So I was thinking the other day that this would make a great education tool! So I made up this page and the reaction has been really good! On the screen you'll have a big bright calendar (written in English of course!), and each month there will be a new English topic, this month is "How are you?". So try downloading it onto your school's computers, it's a great talking point for the kids as they try to remember how many words they know! http://www.genkienglish.net/desktop.htm

Singing Songs Page!

Thanks to everyone who has given us such great feedback about the CDs! If you haven't yet bought them, then have a look at this groovy animation where you can hear samples of all the songs (including CD vol 3!), as well as easy access to all the FREE MP3s songs! If you have the CDs then you might get a few more teaching ideas from the page! http://genkienglish.net/songs.swf

Making mobile phones useful in class!

Genki English is mainly focussed on Elementary School kids (although most of the ideas are also great for kids aged 3 and up!), but lots of people ask me for resources for older students. Well, try this updated page called "Keikaiwa". You can access the page from mobile phones (simply by typing in www.keiakiwa.com) to get a series of cool English phrases, and if you check out the page on a normal computer (either via www.Keikaiwa.com or directly via http://www.genkienglish.net/keikaiwa/menu.htm ) the phrases actually talk!
It's a great way to make mobile phones useful in your lessons!!!

Shake up of the Japanese school system

If you're teaching in Japan, you may just notice a few changes from this April! For starters Saturday lessons have been stopped (does this mean extra sports practice?)! The new "Sougou teki na gakushu jikan" has also started, which means that all elementary schools will be free to choose to teach "International Understanding", of which English is one part. Mind you it all depends on the Head Teacher or Board of Education, as they could also choose "local area studies", Environment Studies, or IT. I guess the best way will be for them to choose a balanced mixture!

April Seminars/Shows in Fukuoka, Yamagata and Tokyo!

Yep, we're on the road again this month! We may be also heading over to the States in May or June!

Fukuoka City April 14th (This coming Sunday!) 1:30PM till 3:30PM Teaching Seminar

3 hour teacher training seminar which should allow plenty of room for lots of demonstrations, explanations and question and answers! Primary school teachers are welcome, but I think the content will be more focused on private teaching! If you'd like to join, please send an email to Stephen Mendenhall ( steviesenglishstation@yahoo.com ), or have a look at the ACET page for details http://www.acet.freehomepage.com/

Yamagata, Tsuruoka City, April 27th Show and Teaching Seminar

We'll be doing shows on the Friday and then on the Saturdy morning there will be a show (any primary school kids are free to attend!) and then a teacher training seminar for Japanese primary school teachers. If you'd like to join then please send an email to Phil Robberson philr@mac.com 

Tokyo Maruzen Bookstore, Nihonbashi 4th Floor, 2PM till 4PM

The February presentations went so well that we've been invited back! We'll have 2 hours this time, so we'll do lots of new stuff and take things at a slightly slower pace (but still very Genki!!). We'll be going through teaching techniques for more of the songs, plus game ideas and of course lots of motivation, or if you have any requests then please get in touch!! You can get details by ringing Maruzen on (03)3272-7211 (but you'll have to speak Japanese!), or just turn up on the day (the easier option!)

If you want to us to come to your area, just get in touch! And if you want to know where we'll be, then have a look at the seminars page, there's a constantly updated schedule there!

We'll also be in Kagoshima on May 11th, so if there is anyone in Kyushu who'd like us to pop in on the way down then please get in touch!!

And finally

Right, that was quite a lot wasn't it! Next month I'll try and fit in a game idea (promise!!). Thanks to everyone for your comments, questions and feedback, and especially to all those people who have written messages of support on the discussion board ( http://genkienglish.net/discussion.mv )! We're here to help you all out by providing useful ideas and just a little bit of Genkiness to make life a bit more fun!

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham  B.Sc. AMInstP
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities 
Email: richard@genkienglish.net
Tel: 090-1328-6924 (Japan)


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