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April 2005

Hello, I hope you're all settled in to the new term, because CD volume 5 is finally here! 9 brand new songs, mini lessons, games and a whole load of new picture cards and worksheets.

But first of all, here's this month's Newsletter Game...

Mushi Battle Game

This is a great game that you can use with any topic, but it ties in very nicely with the new "Creepy Crawlies" theme! "Mushi" means "bug" in Japanese and anything to do with games and bugs is very popular at the moment.
First of all you need some cards with pictures of various creepy crawlies on them, you can use your own, or have a look at the new ones on the website. ( http://genkienglish.net/minicards.htm )

1. Give each kid 4 or 5 mini cards.
2. They fan them out so other people can see how many cards they have, but can't see what's on them.
3. The kids find a partner.
4. The first kid asks "What's that?" whilst pointing to one of their opponent's cards. ( "What's that?" is one of the target phrases in the Creepy Crawlies song, but you can change it if you wish).
5. The other kid answers.
6. The kid who just answered points to one of the cards from the first kid and asks "What's that?"
7. This kid answers.
8. Now they "janken" ( Rock, Paper, Scissors - http://genkienglish.net/rockpaper.htm ).
9. The winner takes the loser's card and adds it to their fan of cards.
10. They go around asking different people until someone has a full set of 8 cards, then they are the winner!!
11. If anyone runs out of cards, they come and ask the teacher who has an infinite supply!

Thanks to a certain card game craze, the thought of playing a card game with bugs is a big hit with the kids (it's the new pokemon!), and if you use the Genki English mini-cards then the pictures are cute enough so even the kids who hate bugs like the game!
It is quite difficult to get a full set of 8 cards, so if you run out of time remember the second rule of Genki English - "Losing doesn't mean losing, it just means try again!", and you should end up with a class of kids eager to try next lesson, or in the playground if you let them keep the cards.

Or then again you could just give them 7 cards from the beginning and see a load of winners straight away!

CD Volume 5: Pre-order today with no charge for post and packing!

It's taken two years, teaching over 14,000 kids and finding out what they want to be able to say in English, plus feedback from 100s of teachers, but it's finally here!

The new themes are:

"When, When, When?"
The genkiest song, it's the "Left and Right" song of CD5!

"How do you say ... in English?"
Very useful phrase and a great song for review lessons.

"I can do it!"
The first rule of Genki English "I can do it!". Confidence building - the key to teaching English!!

"Creepy Crawlies"
Much requested, especially by 2nd graders for some reason!

"Food Part 1" + "Food Part 2"
A new way to teach food with a very special set of words.

"What's your favourite ... ?"
Another big request from the kids and solves the "What do you like food?" type of problem!!

"Where is Mr Monkey?"
One for the teachers, makes teaching under, on, in etc. genki to teach!

"What do you think of ...?"
Great for older kids, " I think it's great!"

Leading on from feedback from many teachers CD5 also has the mini-lessons on the audio section of the CD so even if you're not too hot at singing, you can pop the CD in a CD player and let the CD take the kids through the song! Several of the songs also include different remixes, leading to a total of 30 tracks for nearly an hour of audio. Plus there's the games, songs and mini lessons on the software section of the CD. Along with the new picture cards on the site it's all you need to teach the kids a whole new set of English words and phrases.

Orders that contain CD5 will be dispatched starting April 25th. And if you pre-order on or before April 22nd there is NO CHARGE for Post & Packing. And if you already have the other Genki English CDs we'll include a COMPLIMENTARY copy of the new CD5 Worksheets Book as a special thank you!! This offer is only available until Friday ( 22nd ) so make sure to get your pre-order in today. It's also great if you've been wanting to buy any of the other new Genki English products like the card game packs, or phonics or classroom English CDs as you'll get free postage and packing on the whole order.

If you want to know more, here are full details of the songs and how to teach them:

and here's is the order form!

We can only take pre-orders for delivery in Japan, but from Friday you can order from anywhere in the World and we'll run the same offer of free postage and packing. Here's the International Order Form:

Nearly 100 new A4 flashcards

There are nearly 100 very colourful new A4 flashcards for the new set of themes. They are of course included in the new Laminated Printed Picture Card Pack ( http://genkienglish.net/picturecards.htm ) and there is also a "CD5 Only" set of printed cards for 9,200 yen.( http://genkienglish.net/picturecards.htm )

If you order the new 5 CD Set ( http://genkienglish.net/songs.htm ) or the New Superpack ( http://genkienglish.net/superpack.htm ) you'll be able to download the cards from the CD Owners Club ( http://genkienglish.net/members.htm )

And as a special thank you to everyone who has supported Genki English in the past, current members of the CD Owners Club can download all the A4 picture cards, including the new CD5 cards, straightaway! Simply click on a song title from the "Songs" page. Enjoy!

There are also 12 new cards for Months of the Year

And Finally,

It has been a lot of work getting CD 5 out there! I'm shattered! But I'm really glad I took all the extra time to get it just right, I'm sure it's just what most of you have been looking for. The feedback so far has been really positive, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how you all put it to use! As usual there'll be updates to the songs pages with new hints and ways of teaching as they come in, and if any of you would like to organise a workshop to see how to teach all the songs then please get in touch, as usual for JETs or Elementary Schools all I need is travel expenses and somewhere to stay!

Enjoy and be genki,


Richard J. Graham
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities

"Anticipation itself can transform possibility into reality."
Samuel Smiles

Oh, and if you like the ideas in this newsletter, please feel free to pass it along to your friends!

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