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January 2004

Hello and welcome to 2004, the year of the Monkey!! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. One cool thing I saw over Christmas was the Guinness Book of Records which had the curious story of a budgie who could speak over 1,700 words in English! That should be a great boost if any of your students think English is difficult, if a budgie can do it, I'm sure they can! Just keep trying, and be genki of course!

"The Last Samurai" star and Genki English in TV Drama

The female lead of "The Last Samurai", popular actress, Koyuki is starring in a new Fuji TV series as a private English tutor. The producers wanted some fun materials for her to teach with. So what did they choose? Genki English of course! Last Tuesday's episode showed her teaching the "How are you?" song ( http://genkienglish.net/howRU.htm?n ), and if you look at the show's website you can see the Genki English picture cards!


From Tom Cruise to Genki English, whatever next? The series goes out at 10PM Tuesdays on Fuji TV.

"Where's the...?" Tig Game

This is a great little game for getting the kids running around on these cold winter mornings!
In the playground mark out several large areas representing different shops (e.g. shoe shop, bank, post office etc.). One kid is "it" (or "oni" in Japanese). All the other kids shout "Can I help you?". The "it" kid says "Yes, where's the...." plus one of the place names. The kids have to rush to that place, once they are there they are safe. However if the "it" kid tigs them before they get safe they join "it"s team for the next round! Keep going till there is just one kid left!

If you'd like the Japanese description of this game, it'll be in this Friday's "Asahi Shougakusei" Newspaper.
If you'd like your school to buy a copy tell them to ring the freedial number (0120)-415843 (Japanese only!)

What about picture books?

Picture books are hugely popular at the moment. Along with songs and games they provide another great source of English input for the kids. Some teachers even go so far as to have regular "Picture Book Time" as part of every lesson. Ways of teaching include reading through the story as it is, or simplifying the English to the children's current level. In any case the mixture of vibrant pictures with an English story is a powerful teaching aid. Try it out someday soon!

There are many books available and choosing which ones to use can be quite tricky. It often helps if the kids already know the story, so are still able to follow things even if it is all in English. So if you live in Japan, this month we've teamed up with RIC publications to bring you some of their special new picture books. What makes these books special is that they are English translations of some of the best selling Japanese stories. Your kids (and adults!) probably love them already, so they help bring a lot of excitement to the classroom. Check out the website for more details including "Elephee's Walk" and "Groompa's Kindergarten"....

Live outside of Japan?

Whilst we can't offer the picture books to our loyal viewers outside of Japan, I have just redone the International Shopping section of the site. So wherever you are in the World you'll be able to order most of our Genki English goods, including the songs used by The Last Samurai star Koyuki san! There's also a really cool special offer on now, so check it out!

And Finally,

2004 is shaping up to be a pretty cool year. I wish you all the best, and I'm sure you will have an amazing time! Keep in touch and if there's ever anything I can help you with, please get in touch!

Have a Genki New Year,


Richard J. Graham 
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities 
Email: richard@genkienglish.net

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