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January 2005

Happy New Year and welcome to a very Genki 2005! As usual this month there is lots of great new material on the website, and a brand new CD!

Big News: New Classroom English / Classroom Japanese CD

If, like me, you've ever had problems communicating with your teachers, ever needed help explaining games or controlling the kids in class, then this new CD may be just what you're looking for.

It was initially made for Japanese teachers who want to use more English in the classroom, and to communicate better with ALTs, but the CD also contains recordings of all the most popular classroom and lesson planning phrases in Japanese, which means it's perfect for you too. And it's not text book stuff, it's dozens of real phrases recorded by a real teacher! I use this language all the time now and it really makes a huge difference.

Each track has the English recorded on the left speaker, and the Japanese on the right, so you can choose whether to listen to both, listen and repeat with the Japanese, or just listen to the English and see if you can remember the Japanese. Then there's a review of the English used along with some cool music to make it a bit more fun!

Great to solve your problems, and a great resource to show your Japanese teachers.

The CD costs 2,940 yen plus post and packing and it's also available to buy via credit card if you haven't arrived in Japan yet.

Full details and a list of all the language included are on the website!


There's also a printable order form if you'd like your school to pay for it!

This month's Newsletter Game: "Higher, Lower"

The Brits out there will recognise this game from UK TV. This is a nice little variation for learning numbers and shopping English!

1. On the board put up 8 pictures. Either usual things such as planes or foods, or the recommended way is to use things related to famous people e.g. Beckham's football boot, a signed Britney CD etc.. Have a look around google for some ideas.

2. You point to the first card, tell the kids what it is and ask them how much they think it is.

3. The kids shout out the price. You can either have them in teams, or the way I'd prefer is a total free for all!

4. You tell the kids the price.

5. Now ask them whether they think the next item is "higher" or "lower".

6. The kids reply.

7. You then ask them how much they think it is and repeat from 4!

A bit of organised chaos, but it works great if you have some interesting items up there!

New Stuff on the Website

New stuff on the website this month includes the "Giants, Wizards & Dwarves" and "Gomi Basketball" Games from Toby Kurk and Craig Dwyer. ( http://genkienglish.net/gamesreaders.htm ).

On the GenkiJapan.net site there's a great new animation and song for learning Japanese numbers:

In the CD Owners club you'll also find (by popular request!) some new "stickers" for each theme, great to put in the kids' English passports!

There's also a new talking animation showing how to play the Genki English Card Game, it's great if you've had questions about how to use it in class.

And the discussion board is up to speed again with lots of cool new ideas ( and the crazy Genki English Troll):

Introductory Certificate in Teaching English to Children

I'm currently in Europe at the moment producing the next Genki English CD, but if you're in Japan then one course I would definitely recommend is the David English House "Introductory Certificate in Teaching English to Children" conducted by David Paul.

Feb 2005 6th Nagoya, 13th Osaka, 20th Fukuoka, 27th Tokyo,
Mar 2005 6th Kagoshima, 13th Hiroshima, 20th Nagasaki
Apr 2005 17th Sendai, 24th Aomori

All courses start at 10:00 am and finish at 5:15pm

Course components
1. How do children learn?
2. Getting children fully involved in playing and learning.
3. Using phonics to develop active reading and writing
4. Integrating and having fun with songs
5. Planning lessons that keep children focused and motivated

All sessions are interactive and full of games. The focus is on teaching children between 6 and 12 years old.

Supported by
eigoTown, ELT News, The British Council, The Foreign Buyers Club,
GenkiEnglish.com, Longman ELT Pearson, Macmillan Language House

The fee for one day is 12,000 Yen (9,000 yen for members of ETJ - membership of ETJ is free and it is possible to join on the day)
Payment is on the day

To confirm a place
Please send an e-mail or fax to David English House
E-mail: Rie@DavidEnglishHouse.com, Fax: 082-244-2651

And Finally,

Good luck with all your teaching this year and enjoy all the new stuff on the website!

As usual if you have any comments, questions or requests then please get in touch.

And remember to show your teachers the classroom English CD, it could really help!

Have a very, very Genki 2005!


Richard J. Graham
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities
Email: newsletter@genkienglish.net

"Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy."
Gretta Brooker Palmer

Oh, and if you like the ideas in this newsletter, please feel free to pass it along to your friends!

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