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June 2002

Hello, this month's newsletter is a little early, but we've got so much new stuff for you that I thought it would be good to send it out early!

Joel Bacha's "Teachers & Kids" Book

Long time Genki English contributor Joel Bacha has collected together all his best ideas and published them in this amazing book. It contains a complete elementary school International Understanding curriculum guide, including English and cultural topics and activities, timelines for each grade level, example lesson plans, and more. Written to give teachers ideas for creating International Understanding curricula while they learn about the world with their students.
This Curriculum Guide is now available for 6,300 yen as a bilingual, two volume set. You find out more on the website at http://genkienglish.net/joelsbook.htm including details of how to order from inside or outside of Japan.

SPECIAL OFFER: Order your copy of "Teachers & Kids" before June 8th and get postage and packing free!! Save over 1,000 yen!

Pool lesson by Will Jasprizza

Here's a cool little idea from Will:

Once a year, during summer I held a special lesson I called the "Pool Lesson". Instead of the gym I taught in the pool! First a warm up - lots of commands. "Everyone in the pool!" "Out of the pool!" "In the pool!" "Get out!" "Get in!" You get the idea. Don't forget to get the students to call out the English as they move!

Then a bit of revision! I line the students up alongside the pool so they are facing me and the pool is behind them. I make sure they are standing right along the edge. Then comes the fun part. I start at one end of the line and ask the kids questions like: What's your name? How are you? etc. The students have to reply quickly - if they take too long, or make a mistake I push them into the pool!! (Make sure you do this carefully) Of course the kids try to reply correctly, but because the 'penalty' for making a mistake is fun they don't worry about making mistakes.

You can see the full version of Will's article, with the Japanese translation, on the website at http://genkienglish.net/pool.htm

English is a Camel!

Yes it is! If you want to motivate your students (or fellow teachers!), show them this cool little animation! It always gets a great reaction! Check it out on the "Talking Pages" page
http://genkienglish.net/talking.htm There is even a cool poster to print out and put on your classroom wall!

This animation is taken from our Teacher Training Video, great for showing Japanese teachers how English should be taught!

What Japanese Teachers should know about ALTs!

This article is really good for showing Japanese teachers some of the problems that ALTs face, things they should do to help in the classroom and things that they might not always realise!

Japanese version:http://www.alc.co.jp/peekaboo/kidscom/rensai/genki/genki_02.html

This Month's Events:

June 3rd MONDAY JET Re-Contracting Conference Tokyo. AJET presentation in the evening.
If you are in Tokyo, this is the presentation you need to attend!! We'll be going through loads of games, songs, motivation and control ideas for Elementary School and Junior High. We'll also be doing a motivation speech on the 5th, but the AJET presentation on the 3rd is the only place to get all these great teaching techniques!! We'll also be selling the CDs, so bring along some cash and get the CDs without paying P&P!

June 1st Kyoto KEE Teacher Training seminar. For details contact Prof Shikata at manji@ma8.seikyou.ne.jp
June 2nd Maruzen Tokyo. Event for kids and parents. Contact Kondo san (03)3272-7211
We'll be in the States from June 9th till 20th, filming in Hollywood ( I kid you not!)

June 21st Iwate prefecture, Taneichi City Elementary Schools + Seminar
June 24th - 28th we'll be in Aomori, if you want us to come to your school, get in touch soon!!
From the 29th we'll probably be in Hokkaido, so if you want us to visit, check out the "shows" or "seminar" page of the website and get in touch!

JUNE 9th NHK TV BS-1 5:30 PM "Hello Nippon" Documentary about Genki English!! Don't miss it!

And finally,

As you may have heard, we'll be in US for a couple of weeks, so replies to emails may take a little longer than usual. But we'll still have people here to take your orders and get your CDs, videos and books sent off ASAP with first class service! And remember to check out NHK BS1 5:30PM on June 9th for our special documentary!!

Till next month,

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham  B.Sc. AMInstP
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities 
Email: richard@genkienglish.net
Tel: 090-1328-6924 (Japan)


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