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March 2003

Hello! How are things going? This month is a bumper issue of the newsletter, enjoy, and as usual your feedback is much appreciated!

1. GenkiEnglish.com on TV
2. Real Weather Game
3. Joel Bacha's New Website
4. "Kids English"
5. The genkiest thing since enriched vitamin drinks
6. March shows

GenkiEnglish.com on TV

Next week we'll be on national TV twice! On Monday 10th March NHK will be re-broadcasting the GenkiEnglish.com documentary at 10AM on BS channel 1 (great to watch at school!) and on Thursday 13th March you'll be able to see Genki English in action in the TBS drama "Wataru Seken wa Oni Bakari". This is a mega popular Japanese drama (something like the UK's "Coronation Street") and they have filmed a special scene where one of the main characters, Hina chan, will be learning English using GenkiEnglish.com materials! Pretty cool, eh!!

Real Weather Game

I came across this idea at a cool presentation the other day, try it out it's great!

1. Split the kids into groups.
2. Give each group a map with several cities marked on it and a dice with different weather symbols on each face
3. The kids role the dice for each city and write down what the weather's like
4. When all the cities are marked down, look in the paper and find out the real weather in each city.
5. For each city that the kids have the correct weather for, they get a point!

This also gave me the idea to write up my "Weather Webcams" idea, have a look on the website:

And by complete coincidence, GenkiEnglish.com contributor Neil Maher sent in a load of his cool weather ideas, be sure to check them out!


Joel Bacha's "Teachers and Kids" Website!

Joel Bacha's curriculum guide book "Teachers and Kids" has been proving really popular, not only for all the info about making a curriculum, but also for the huge amount of games and ideas he introduces! Well, to offer support to people who have bought the book (or who would like to know more about it), he's put up a whole new website devoted to his way of teaching. Joel has given many conferences in Japan, many at the national level, and his material is really worth a look, especially the amazing links section!

or have a look at Joel's book on GenkiEnglish.com at

Give a big hand to "Kids English"

Last year we were sent off to Hollywood to film a massive new series of English videos for kids (don't laugh, it's true! I have a picture of Will and Nicholas Cage to prove it!). Anyway, along with the whole curriculum, picture books and songs that we wrote, this massive collection is finally available (although without Nicholas Cage)! Unlike the GenkiEnglish.com products (which are published by ourselves), this new series, called "Kids English", is published by a company called SSI, famed for their motivation programmes.

It's a huge set of books, videos, CDs, talking bears and full support to let parents of little kids get into English at home. If you can read Japanese, have a look at the full info on the website, where you can also fill in a form and we'll send you a groovy colour brochure!

If you have any friends with young kids, this is the programme for them!

"...the genkiest thing since enriched vitamin drinks!"

Thank you to everyone who has filled out the GenkiEnglish.com survey! The results are great and have already led to many improvements on the site. Needless to say the most popular parts of the site are the MP3 songs and games. Thank you everyone for your great quotes, here are a selection:

"Use the clipart.  The pictures are clear, funny and above all, the kids love them." G. McCrohan, Japan
"If it's not genki, it's not worth doing" - Piji in Thailand
"Genki English?  Don't even think about going near a classroom without it." - Chris in Okinawa
"Go the Genki way for great results" - Victoria, Hong Kong
"You guys have made me the most popular ALT my elementary schools have had in the last 10 years." - Liz, Japan

And the best one has to be "Genki English is the genkiest thing since enriched vitamin drinks!"

Think you could do better? Or if you'd like to have your say (good or bad), please fill out the survey !

March shows!

We'll be touring the country again in March - thank you for everyone who came to see us this month, all several thousand of you!! And just to prove that TV fame hasn't gone to our heads, we'll be rounding off the month with a free show at our local orphanage!


If you'd like a show at your school, there's a new printable info leaflet, have a look at:

And Finally,

There are quite a lot more new things on the site, including new clip art for "fruits" and "adjectives" (check out the "scary" card!) at http://genkienglish.net/clipart.htm. I also put up a groovy "Fukuwarai Face Building Game" just after the last newsletter. Pass this one onto your friends, it's great fun even if you don't use it to learn English! http://genkienglish.net/fukuwarai.html

If you're a JET in Japan, now is the time that the Boards of Education finish up the budgets for next year, so if you'd like us to come along to your Mid Year Conference next winter, then now is the time to ask!! Get in touch with us (http://genkienglish.net/contact.htm ) or your Prefectural Advisor!

Don't forget GenkiEnglish.com on TV next week and have a very Genki March!!

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham  B.Sc. AMInstP
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities 
Email: richard@genkienglish.net


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