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October 2004

It's into October time and for many teachers that means just one thing - Halloween Lessons!!

Halloween Lessons can be great for either just playing around in English, or there is now a full new Genki English Halloween theme on the site. If you are a CD owner you can download all the materials free of charge.

New Halloween A4 Picture Cards & Song

This is a really great, very catchy song, with some cool words that are very popular at the moment ( thanks to a certain Master Potter). If you already have the Genki English CDs, you can download the 8 A4 picture cards, the MP3 version of the song and also a new "Mini Karuta" set of cards. These "Mini Karuta" cards are all 8 cards on one A4 sheet. If they prove popular I might introduce them into the other themes.

If you don't have the CDs yet, you can order them from anywhere in the World and still get to download the new Halloween theme.

Plus if you order the Printed Picture Card Pack before October 31st we'll include the set of Halloween A4 cards!

Other Halloween Ideas

There is still the classic Genki English Halloween page up ( http://genkienglish.net/halloween.htm ), with some of the most popular ideas for Hallowe'en games including:

Apple Bobbing:
Great at lunchtime, get a big barrel, fill it with water and apples and try and get them out using your teeth!
Costume Karuta:
Have a pile of Halloween costumes. You say the word and the kids have to get dressed like that character!
Halloween Boxes:
Prepare several shoe boxes each containing some weird things e.g. eyeballs ( peeled grapes), intestines ( noodles), brains ( tofu) etc. The kids put their hands in and have to guess what's in there!

Or other ideas are:
Mummy Making Game:
Kids get in pairs, choose a body part and wrap it in toilet paper. Choose another part and wrap again! Give prizes for the best wrapping at each stage.( Similar to the "Doctor, Doctor Game" http://www.genkienglish.net/doctor.htm )

Face Painting:
Put the kids in groups and paint monsters on each others' faces. Great colours practice.

For older students try:
Spooky Ghost Stories:
Dim the lights. Go round the group, each person adding one line to a ghost story as a torch is held under their chin!
Halloween Alphabet Chases:
Try an Alphabet chase ( http://www.genkienglish.net/abc.htm ) with Halloween as the theme.

Plus there is the talking "Make a Jack o'lantern" page now with a downloadable worksheet:

Classroom Japanese + Talking Japanese page

For those of you teaching in Japan, not being able to communicate with the school's teachers can be a real hassle! So to help you out I've put up this page that has all the most common classroom and lesson planning terms. It's written in English and Japanese ( so Japanese teachers can use it), and the Japanese is also written out in Roman letters to make it easier to read. Topics covered are things like Greetings, Warming Up, Praising the kids, Playing Games, Useful words and Lesson Planning.

Plus on the GenkiJapan.net site I've just uploaded a dozen or so new talking Japanese phrases.

England and UK Explanation Animation

Trying to explain the difference between England and the UK can be tricky at the best of times. So to help out I've written this nice little animation that shows how the flags of Scotland, England and St Patrick form together to make the Union Flag. It should have all your fellow teachers going "ahhhh!!".

Take the stress out of their day

If you team teach in Japan it can be very useful to figure out the sorts of problems and worries that your Japanese teachers may have, very often they are not what you expect. Over the last few weeks I've collated all the most popular questions that Japanese teachers ask me in workshops and put them up on the site along with some solutions. Most teachers are really lost so showing them this page may just take some stress out of their day! And for ALTs who'd like to know a little more, here are the most popular points:

1. What to do about pronunciation
2. What English to teach
3. Games & Songs
4. What to do about 5th & 6th graders
5. How to get good at English themselves


All of which are covered in the article. With all the worry you'll save your teachers they'll probably end up buying you a round of beers!

Autumn Tour Dates

I'm going to be on the road for the next few weeks, so if you can, please pop along and see Genki English in action! Most of the events are completely free of charge!

Tokyo Maruzen Maru-no-uchi October 5th:
Osaka Nellies Bookstore October 17th
Nagoya Nellies Bookstore October 31st

I'll also be in Hamamatsu this week and then in Tokushima from the 18th to the 23rd and Oita on the 27th, so if you'd like me to visit your school or get a group of teachers together for a workshop, if I'm in the area it might not cost anything in travel expenses!
Have a look at the site and please get in touch!

And Finally,

Right that was a long newsletter, hope you enjoy the new stuff!! Take care with everything you do and I'll see you next month!

Be genki,

Richard J. Graham
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities
Email: newsletter@genkienglish.net

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
Maureen Dowd
( courtesy of http://www.goal-setting-guide.com/quote-of-the-day.html)

Oh, and if you like the ideas in this newsletter, please feel free to pass it along to your friends!

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