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Genki English Newsletter November 2005

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1. Game of the Month: Janken Bugs
2. Kids' Song of the Month "When, When, When?"
3. Two New Sets of Picture Cards
4. And Finally...


I hope you're all doing well. I am actually really happy today because I'm in Akita ken, which means I've now set foot in every prefecture in Japan! Over the next 3 days I've got 9 schools to visit, but of course there's still lots of new things on the website for your good self.

1. Game of the Month: Janken Bugs

This game of the month comes from John Loynes and thanks to the Mushi King craze it's very popular. Here it is presented in its simplest way, but you can easily get the kids to practise the conversation of the day before doing the janken ( i.e. rock, paper, scissors http://www.genkienglish.net/rockpaper.htm ) .

1. Kids make 2 lines of 4 people. Each line becomes a "bug".
2. The "bugs" move so that the front kid, the "head", of one is facing the "head" of the other.
3. The teacher or student draws a four segment insect for each team on the board ( great to link to the Monster Drawing Game http://www.genkienglish.net/monster.htm )
4. The two "heads" janken, ( or practise today's conversation and then janken)
5. The loser gets EATEN!
6. They have to wipe the rear section of their bug off the board and sit down.
7. The new "head" jankens with the previous winner and continue until one "bug" has been completely eaten!

I know quite a few classes that this game would go down very well with!

There are also 3 more new games on the Readers' Games Page:
Hackey Sack Hypo
Funky Pick a Box
and Celebrity Racers ( great for Junior High School )

2. Kids' Song of the Month "When, When, When?"

Last month having the illustrated Halloween Song on the kids' page ( http://genkienglish.net/kawaii.swf ) proved really popular. So I've decided to continue it and this month you can have a look at the "When, When, When?" song. If you've been thinking about getting CD vol. 5 ( http://www.genkienglish.net/cd5.htm ) it's a great chance to see one of the best songs, and if you already have it, it's a great way for your kids to study at home!


3. 2 New Sets of A4 Flashcards: Animals Part 2 and How are you? Part 2

Those of you who check out my blog ( http://genkienglish.net/richardsdiary.htm ) or the site's rss feed ( http://genkienglish.net/rss.htm ) will already know about these, but there are now 2 new sets of A4 flashcards on the site. The first is A4 versions of the "How are you?" game and includes:

I'm hot
I'm thirsty
I'm angry
I'm wet

Along with

Bed ( to go with "I'm tired)
Fire ( to go with "I'm cold")
Drink ( to go with "I'm thirsty")
Towel ( to go with "I'm wet")
Relax ( to go with "I'm angry")
and "I love you" ( to go with "I'm sad")

You can find them at http://www.genkienglish.net/howareyougame.htm

The other set of cards are A4 cards of the animals in the Genki English Card Game.

They are...


You can find them here...

In the future there'll probably be a song to go with these as well, but for the time being, enjoy the A4 cards.

I'm also thinking about cards for Thanksgiving, but apart from Turkey I don't really know what words to choose, so if you have any requests then please email them in and I'll see what I can do.

4. And Finally...

I hope you enjoyed all those. On Saturday I've got a workshop in Odate, Akita prefecture if you'd like to come along, and on the 26th I'm going to be doing a workshop ( or two) for the KOTESOL Young Learners Symposium near Seoul, so please get in touch if you'd like to attend. Then in December it looks like I'll be heading off to Thailand to do workshops for the Thai Ministry of Education, which should be fun.

Next month there's an extra special surprise coming, so be sure to stay tuned...

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham
The Fun way to Teach!
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities

"A kind word can warm three months of winter." - Japanese Proverb

And if you like the ideas in this newsletter, please feel free to pass it along to your friends!

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