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September 2002

Hello, I'm sure you're all back into the swing of the new term, so here's the September Issue of the Genki English newsletter to help you on your way!

New things on the website

The flash card section has been improved. You can now print all the cards out in one go! There will be more cards uploaded soon.

There are lots of little changes on the site this month, including lots more Japanese translations (these are there for people who do team teaching but can't explain the rules to the kids, you simply hand the Japanese translation to the teacher!)

Thai Teachers' Songs


In August I was doing teacher training in Thailand. Thailand has been teaching elementary school English for quite a while now and it is very interesting comparing it to the situation in Japan. As expected songs and games, but also role plays, were favourites of the kids, and the most disliked thing was the grammar! But the teachers were great and were so keen to learn more stuff, and also to share their ideas. I was so impressed by some of their songs that I videoed them for the website, try them out, I'm sure your students will love them!

Mind you I was quite surprised to find it wasn't just teachers I was training, but also the Thai Border Police! When I asked why several of the people in my group had big boots and police outfits on I was told it was because we were close to the Cambodian border. Apparently instead of teachers, in the border schools the police have to teach the kids! It was very interesting seeing these tough police officers playing the Ostrich Game though!! But it does make you think, these kids really do have a need to learn English, it's the best way for them to escape the poverty trap they find themselves in. So it was really rewarding to not just hear about people using the free things on Genki English, but to actually see them using the ideas. And of course, it's thanks to the support of people like yourself that Genki English is able to provide these free resources and training to people all over the World. Thank you!

Will's Tip of the Month:

Next time you do a shopping activity get your kids to use some coins from another country. Watch them go mad using real money, but make sure they give it all back at the end!


Yeah, I know it's early, but people have been asking! Check out the Hallowe'en ideas page at

Get the Genki English CDs cheap!

If you happen to be near Tokyo, Maruzen bookstore in Nihonbashi will be having a special Genki English demo on the morning of Saturday September 21st. You'll not only be able to buy the CDs without paying postage or packing, but if you join their Kids Club you'll get a further discount! Can't be bad!

Which free song do you want?

Next month will see the release of Genki English CD IV ! Yeah! As is customary, as a thank you to you all, we'll be putting one of the songs on the website as a completely free MP3. But rather than us decide which song to put on, I thought we'd give you a choice. So if you have a look at the website you can vote for which song you'd like to see on the website for free!

The choices are:

1) Rock, Paper, Scissors

2) Doctor, Doctor!

3) Animals (haven't thought of a groovy title yet!)

4) What do you do?

5) Where, where, where?

6) Bigger Please!

7) My name is Mr Octopus.

The song with the most votes will be uploaded in October!

(And if you want to hear sneak previews of the songs, come to Maruzen on Sep. 21st!)

And Finally,

Quite a few people have been asking for more games, have a look at Joel's Curriculum book (


), there are lots in there, or if people could put some more games ideas on the discussion board it would be great!

OK, enjoy your teaching and please feel free to get in touch, or write a message on the message board if ever you need any help!

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham  B.Sc. AMInstP
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities 
Email: richard@genkienglish.net


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Oh, and there's also a Japanese version, you can sign up for it from the main Japanese menu!

P.S. We're in Kumamoto, at the YMCA, this Saturday (14th), if you're in Kyushu please come along.

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